Where to Buy Rhode Beauty in the Philippines?

where to buy rhode beauty in the philippines

Rhode Beauty is a skincare and beauty brand founded by Hailey Bieber. The brand focuses on creating high-performance skincare products with a philosophy of “less is more.” Their TikTok-viral Peptide Lip Tint and iPhone case made everyone want to try their brand. Plus the recent launch of their Pocket Blush, a cream blush that incorporates skincare ingredients like niacinamide, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, increased the hype even more. Unfortunately for us Asians, they only ship within the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and select European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & Ireland). So where to buy rhode beauty in the Philippines?

1. GO GLAM – I featured this shop several times because they carry a lot of in-demand Western brands like Rhode, Patrick Ta, Summer Fridays, Charlotte Tilbury, Elf, and more.

2. PASABUY LONDON – This Shopee store sells beauty products from the UK. Besides Rhode, they have La Roche Posay, Chanel, Dior, CeraVe, and more.

3. DAYUHAN – This is my go-to shop whenever there’s a viral TikTok beauty product. Because it’s either already available on-hand in their store or it’s available for preorder.

4. SKINS MNL – One of my go-to shop. They used to be in shopee but they’re in lazada now.

5. JUST SKIN PH – I recently discovered this store in Shopee after many of the shops I know where banned or removed recently. They have good selections of products from brands like Rhode, CereVe, and more.

6. RAZZA BEAUTY – Another newly-discovered store in Shopee, they have Rhode, Charlotte Tilbury, Saie, Gisou, Patrick Ta, Refy and more.

So far these are the local stores I know where to buy Rhode Beauty in the Philippines. If I find more, I will update this post.