where to buy pop mart in the philippines

Where to Buy Pop Mart in the Philippines?

Pop Mart is a Chinese company known for its designer toy products and mystery boxes. The company has gained popularity for its unique and collectible toys, often featuring limited-edition figures created by various artists and designers. Some of their most popular series are the Hirono, The Monsters, Molly, Dimoo, and Skullpanda. They’re also known for their Friends, Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and Jackson Wang collaborations. And recently, they released an adorable Power Puff Girls Cry Baby Series that sold out so fast! Unfortunately, they do not have a physical store in the Philippines yet. So if you’re a new collector, here are the stores where to buy Pop Mart in the Philippines. And yes, they’re legit!

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Legit Pop Mart stores in the Philippines?

1. POP MART GLOBAL – They have a global e-commerce site that ships to the Philippines through DHL. You’ll be able to buy their toys with no reseller mark up however, a lot of collectors from other countries are also buying here so they sold out fast.

2. POP MART LAZADA – This is their official store in the Lazada app. They ship directly from China to the Philippines and they have all the latest. But just like their global e-commerce site, items are mostly sold out.

3. POP MART SHOPEE – I like their official Shopee store. It also ships directly from China to the Philippines, has the latest drops with no reseller markup price, and the best part is some items don’t sell out fast here.

4. FULLY BOOKED – This bookstore has surprisingly good stocks of the popular and latest Pop Mart drops. You’ll find most of them in the physical stores but they also have stocks in their Lazada and Shopee stores. I got my Jackson Wang Pop Marts from their Lazada store.

5. TOY KINGDOM – This famous toy store in the Philippines has been carrying designer toys for a while now. They also sell them in their Lazada and Shopee stores but they have better stocks in their physical stores.

6. FILBAR’S – This popular toy and hobby shop has good stocks of Pop Mart toys too but only in their physical stores around Metro Manila. They only sell Funko and others online.

So far these are the stores I know where to buy Pop Mart in the Philippines. If I find more I’ll update this list.