How to send your Korean Visa Application through the mail?

how to send your korean visa application through the mail - south korean visa for kpop fans
N Seoul Tower Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

Planning to go to South Korea but there are no accredited travel agencies to process your visa or you’re too far to travel to the nearest one? Good news, Filipinos can submit through the mail via W-Express! This post will guide you on how to send your Korean Visa Application through the mail.

But note, that this Visa Application Courier Service is only applicable for  C-3-9 Tourist Visa applications for Filipinos. Visa applications for non-Filipino nationals and other visa types must be submitted personally to the Korean Visa Application Center (KVAC) or designated travel agencies.

how to send your korean visa application through the mail

Korean Tourist Visa Application Process via W-Express

To avail of Visa Application Courier Services, all you have to do is complete all the requirements and forms for tourist visa applications as specified by the KVAC website, visit your nearest W-Express branch with a valid government ID, and pay P1,900 pesos for processing (P1,000 for courier services and P900 for the visa fee). You can find W-Express branches through their website.

NOTE: For the complete list of requirements and how to apply if you don’t have an ITR or COE, read my guide here.

The W-Express employees will check your completeness requirements before requesting payment. Once you’ve paid and submitted your requirements, you will receive an email from W-Express and an SMS from the KVAC  confirming your submission.

How long does it take to process Korean Tourist Visas via W-Express?

Applications are guaranteed to reach the Korean Visa Application Center within three working days from submission at the W-Express branch. Once received by the KVAC, it may take up to 10-15 working days for all your documents and forms to be processed. Note that if any documents are lacking, visa processing will be paused. Applicants must comply and submit all missing requirements to a W-Express branch within seven working days from the day a KVAC staff reaches out to the applicant via call regarding the missing documents. No additional fee will be collected for this.

You will receive an SMS from KVAC once your visa and passport are ready to be delivered. W-Express will deliver your processed visa and passport within three working days.

If you have more questions regarding how to send your Korean visa application through the mail, you can join this Facebook Group.