A Talk on Women’s Health in Dubai

scrubs - gynecologist in Dubai
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One of the foremost things about living in Dubai is the quality of services available, and among them is the premium healthcare industry. Many young families move there for employment or education, so many need good-quality gynecological services. It is a perpetual myth that only pregnant women and women requiring post-natal care need a gynecologist. This is not true- a good gynecologist in Dubai offers packages for younger women and girls who have just hit puberty, and curated packages for women’s sexual and reproductive health. In this article, we introduce you to gynecologists in Dubai and why their patients have such good things to say.

What Makes Dubai Gynecologists So Good?

Women’s doctors are everywhere, but women’s health is a precarious business. With immense specializations and specific care required for each woman, only the very best doctors can handle the specificities of gynecological practice. Any healthcare establishment worth its salt will offer industry-standard and modern women’s healthcare packages. What distinguishes a good gynecologist from, say, the best gynecologist in Dubai is offering safety, privacy, and comfort.

For maternity care, the baby’s health and the medical care that is the best for the mother’s well-being are paramount. A good gynecologist in Dubai will have customer testimonials emphasizing reproductive care, breast cancer awareness and prevention, fertility, pregnancy, menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and other particulars relevant to women’s health. Further, good gynecological services make it a point to offer affordable routine checkups with their patients. Gynecologists in Dubai also have male and female doctors for comfort and safety.

Women’s Health-Prevention is Better than Cure

Girls who have been diagnosed with hormonal issues and the like, such as polycystic ovaries, need to see their gynecologist more frequently than other women. It is good practice to see the gynecologist at least once yearly, starting at 21. Many women don’t think it is essential to visit the gynecologist unless it comes to matters of fertility and pregnancy, but to go routinely, as one goes to the dentist, is good practice to prevent the various diseases that plague women today. A routine checkup at the gynecologist usually involves a breast exam, pelvic exams, medication, and nutritional advice for irregular periods; pap smears to look for vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Even though sexual matters and topics are still taboo in certain demographics of Dubai society, women who are considering becoming sexually active or are sexually active should undertake the responsibility of visiting gynecologists to understand contraceptive medications and methods if they don’t want to have children. For women looking to become mothers and pregnant women, it is highly essential to consult gynecologists who are board-certified and specialize in obstetrical services, antenatal and prenatal care, counseling, and support.

Gynecological Units in Dubai

While many gynecological practices are part of Dubai’s larger hospitals, there are specialized clinics that offer care. They employ futuristic and sanitized technology to ensure the highest hygiene standards. They are more likely to specialize in specific and uncommon gynecological issues, which you are unlikely to find in large hospitals’ gynecology departments. Things like pelvic, vaginal and cervical pain treatment, menstrual irregularities and pain management, routine exams, and breast cancer and osteoporosis screenings are to be expected at any regular gynecological practice.

Further, you should be aware of the risks and benefits of services such as Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, which does not have the risks that open surgeries entail. Your gynecologist should clarify such provisions if they are performing a procedure to look for fibroids or cysts for a diagnosis of endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Beauty and Wellness Go Hand in Hand

Have you ever heard horror stories about the impacts on mammary glands and breast tissue as a consequence of botched and backdoor breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries? As a rising hub of safe, industry-standard plastic surgery, most gynecological clinics that offer aesthetician services also employ cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgery in Dubai isn’t just found at beauty clinics, but also at gynecology practices-which is exceptionally reassuring since women’s health and safety are considered in tandem with cosmetic enhancements.

Aesthetic gynecology provides cosmetic enhancements, including plastic surgery consultations, anti-aging for the body and the vulvovaginal areas, as well as reparative surgery, to restore the visuals and functions of the vagina and vulva.