Increase your Buying Power with Group Medical, Dental, Health, and Life Insurance Plans

“I am looking forward to dealing with my insurance company all week”, said no one, ever. How do you feel about insurance? Remain calm. I know this topic can cause tempers to flare. If you are like me, you are willing to pay the premium and expect all the agreed-upon services to be delivered with ease and precision.

We need insurance in emergencies. There isn’t time to deal with paperwork when your house has just burned to the ground from a lightning strike. Everything should already be known, and a procedure in place that is followed resulting in immediate, short, and long-term solutions.

Considering your own business; do your single-purchase customers receive the same attention as lifelong clients who have known you for decades? In a perfect world, no. Tell me you have not asked for a group discount, ever. The purchasing power advantages concerning life, medical, and health insurance for group policies are considerable.

  • Lower premiums are on the surface of the benefits to groups. Even small and medium companies can benefit from the introduction of group policies.
  • Medical check-ups for health and wellness are included in some packages. Policies with less coverage may have a co-pay program for various office visits and are still less expensive.
  • An account executive will likely be assigned to your group. This single point of contact will be the most efficient means of solutions. It is a relationship to maintain and develop. If your company is large enough, resource services employees can handle claims and documentation.
  • As an employer, group insurance plans are generally tax deductible as an employee benefit or compensation. A group policy is also an incentive to your talent pool for attraction and retention. Another benefit to an employer is the knowledge of the health of your staff. Healthy people are happy, more energetic, miss less work, and produce with greater efficiency.
  • With your approval, employers can auto-deduct your premium from your pay to spread the expense across the year, quarterly, or annually; depending on the policy.

Insurance is no relief from the responsibility of being present in your work, paying attention in dangerous environments, and personal well-being.

  • Would you rather go to the dentist and have everything paid for, or not go to the dentist at all? Self-care will prevent several dental insurance claims. With group policies, regular dental cleaning is an included preventative measure because insurance companies don’t want to pay dental surgery bills later. If they are keen on money savings, take note and clean regularly.
  • Your physical health is 90% on your choices and actions. You can not prevent or change heredity. You may be able to mitigate it. Physical health and wellness are in your hands. We evolved to be upright and walk. If you aren’t sleeping well, walk 6km tomorrow after dinner and enjoy the best sleep in months. Just move and be active. Go outside for starters. Get some fresh air and walk to the market.

The overarching concern is your mental health. A stressed mind can cause many symptoms in your body that could make you seek unneeded medical care. Take time to pinpoint and solve emotional health roadblocks first. Develop ways to eradicate stress, anxiety, and depression in your life, today.