From Fun to Functional: Designing Vinyl Sticker for Your Needs

Photo by Javon Swaby

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Know the purpose of your sticker
  3. Decide on a type of sticker
  4. Scribble a unique design
  5. Animate your design
  6. Choose a finish and print
  7. Conclusion


In search of a fun and captivating way to get word out to people? Stickers are an amazing option. Bright, eye-catching, and always a centre of attention, stickers are a unique way to get a message out to people and stay on their minds for longer.

Regular stickers fade and leave a mess when removed from hard surfaces; vinyl stickers offer not just an alternative but an upgrade. Vinyl stickers are durable, resistant to harsh weather conditions (heat, heavy rains, and snow), and will last the test of time as compared to regular paper stickers.

Vinyl stickers also offer unique flexibility, making them the perfect option for all your needs, from fun to functional.

In this article brought to you by HelloPrint, we would take you step-by-step on how to create your custom stilcker to fulfill your needs:

Know the purpose of your sticker.

A sticker could be used for multiple applications, from inside your home to other outdoor applications. The flexibility that stickers possess allows them to communicate ideas in multiple situations. Here are a number of things you could do with custom stickers:

Party tickets. Parties are a good way to let loose and have a good time. You do not want things to get too serious when making tickets for your upcoming party. Keep things fun and lively by using vinyl stickers in place of regular paper ones. Create a unique experience at the ticket booth by distributing peculiar tickets that will stand out and help create memories.

Decorations. Outside of official business purposes, stickers can be a very useful means of decoration. Use stickers to beautify your home by decorating your kitchen fridge or kitchen counter; use bright and lively colours that give the feeling of home when looked at.

Decorate more personal items, like laptops, phone cases, and notebooks, to give your personalized items a more unique look.

Give the office an uplifting atmosphere by using stickers on doors and hallways as a means of decoration.

Marketing. Stickers are an exceptional way to advertise your goods and services. They provide a means to target your audience of choice and make them feel special. There are two main ways stickers affect marketing:

Cost effectiveness: Vinyl stickers provide you with unmatched value for your money when it comes to advertising methods. While television and billboards may offer a more ostentatious form of advertisement, stickers can achieve the same results at a significantly lower cost.

Versatility: Vinyl stickers also offer something no other means of advertisement can: unrivaled versatility.  These stickers can be used in a whole host of situations, allowing for limitless possibilities when it comes to advertising. Vinyl stickers can advertise your brand and business through promotional giveaways, unique packaging, and product labels, and they can also be used to advertise your business at tradeshows.

Most impressive of all, vinyl stickers have the ability to turn customers into ambassadors. Customers display stickers on their laptops, phones, cars, and other personalized items, bringing your business to light and improving your brand’s visibility.

Decide on a type of sticker.

The purpose of the sticker you plan to design will give you direction on what type of sticker to make. This part is very crucial, as the type of sticker you make will define the audience that gets interested in it.

There are various types of stickers, some more worded, while others make use of images or logos. Here is a list of various types of stickers, so you could make a choice based on which suits you best:

  • Branded stickers: This type of sticker displays a brand logo and brand name.
  • Car stickers: This is usually displayed on the side of a car and might contain advertisements.
  • Bumper sticker: This is usually displayed on a car bumper and is usually simpler than a regular car sticker.
  • Window stickers: These types of stickers are usually larger and are made to be displayed on windows.
  • Floor stickers: These are made to endure the wear and tear of being stepped on. They are usually quite large and are used inside an office building or outdoors.
  • General aesthetic sticker: These are made for home or personalised use. They fit perfectly inside the home and are usually quite eye-catching.

Scribble a unique design.

Now that you know the type of sticker you want to make, you can go ahead and create the design. Sure, it is easy to download one off the internet; it is far more impressive to create one yourself, purely unique to you.

Get a pen and paper and express yourself. Design something you know resonates with you and stays true to the message you are trying to send.

If sketching is not one of your strong points, head to a royalty-free site like Unsplash, Canva, Flickr, or Pexels. to download one that suits your message.

Animate your design.

Take a picture of your hand-drawn design and load it into your system. Make use of special editing tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva to animate your design. Give it vibrant colours that cause it to stand out.

If you have downloaded an image off the internet, still take it to one of the listed editing tools to give the image a personalized touch and make it feel truly yours.

Ensure the document for your design has accurate dimensions to prevent having to reanimate or rescale the already finished design.

Choose a finish and print.

Choose a finish that will suit your taste and be worth the design you have just completed.
You can experiment with various finishes, such as fluorescent, high-tack, or metallic vinyl stickers, or stick with the traditional clear vinyl sticker look.
Metallic vinyl stickers can provide a magnificent gloss, clear stickers fit in perfectly with your design, high-tack is incredibly durable, and fluorescent stickers can generate captivating neon colors.

Ensure to go for quality printing and print materials that make the vinyl sticker come together perfectly.


Vinyl stickers are perfect for numerous situations. They are durable, captivating, and work well for business and recreational purposes. Create a vinyl sticker that suits your style and accomplishes the goals you want it to.