anti chafing shorts

Anti Chafing Shorts: Ways to Wear Them in All Seasons

The anti-chafing short is one of those investment pieces that you will thank yourself for buying over and over again! A wardrobe staple, this item is going to make sure that you stay perfectly comfortable and chafe free all year round. From the height of summer to the middle of winter, anti chafing and shapewear shorts promise to have you feeling your absolute best all year round. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about anti-chafing shorts, and how you can make them work for you in every temperature.

It is true that anti chafing shorts come in handy in all seasons. Chafing, riding, rubbing and all kinds of discomfort can occur whatever the weather, and ensuring that you have what you need to keep you perfectly in place no matter what the season may be is key. The best way to approach a year round outlook for your anti chafing shorts is by separating the year into two categories – warm and cool. Spring, summer and autumn, winter all have their extremes, however, spring and autumn will traditionally crossover. Have your bases covered and you can transition through the changing weather seamlessly, making for a smart and worthwhile investment that you can depend on and love for countless fabulous looks to come.

Warmer Months

When the sun is out, and you are two, you need to feel sure that you are going to be free to get up to everything you want – even more, ideally! For making the most of the warm weather, walking and moving comfortably is key – as is feeling your most confident and fabulous. For a super light, barely there feel, look no further than the Coolfit Everyday-Anti Chafing Shorts. These genius shorts sit beneath everything from floaty dresses to maxi skirts, jeans and wide-leg pants, and they do an amazing job while they’re there! Made from an innovative fabric that is light and comfortable to wear and keeps your temperature in check to bring that breezy feeling all day long. The stretch fit hits at the perfect mid-thigh leg point to keep rubbing and distractions to a minimum, an essential for those summer and spring months ahead.

Cooler Months

With a drop in temperature comes a rise in the need for clever undergarments that are going to keep you insulated and protected all season long. The Firming Anti Chafing Shorts are your answer to looking and feeling your brightest no matter how gloomy it may be outside. Of course, you can wear this amazing style all year round, but for cooler months the firm and supportive fit is ideal – plus it is a super streamlined cut that will sit discreetly between all of your pieces. They’re designed in a shaping weave for a perfectly sculpted figure, hitting high on the waist for wear that will never roll up or down. The lightweight feel means you can layer your shorts under tights, thermals, or anything your heart desires!