Planning to Get a Dermal Filler? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Dermal Fillers are nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that have gained popularity in recent years. Substances are injected under the skin to restore the volume of the face, smoothen wrinkles and fine lines, and plump up the skin. This helps to enhance the youthful nature of the face, and the results are seen instantly. Depending on the type of filler chosen and the area of injection, the procedure can last for six months to one year or more.

  • Different types of dermal fillers

With the development in technology, healthcare providers can provide off-the-shelf fillers to inject into your face as a part of cosmetic procedures to restore the volume of the face.

  1. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring acid in your skin that helps keep it hydrated and maintain volume. However, with age, the skin stops producing this acid, and you need to inject HA every six months or one year to retain a youthful appearance.
  2. Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) – It is a substance present inside your bones and when dermally injected, it lasts for a year. These off-the-shelf fillers are used to treat deeper wrinkles.
  3. Poly-L-lactic Acid (PLLA)—These are meant to create collagen, and injecting them would smooth out the deep wrinkles on the face. The procedure lasts for two years.
  4. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) – These fillers have collagen, and small balls are injected and placed under the skin by the healthcare providers. This procedure helps to add volume to the skin and keeps it firm.

The right option should be decided based on your skin condition. Talk to the healthcare providers about when you can expect a result.

  • When should you get dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers add volume to the sagging skin, make the facial features more symmetrical, smoothen wrinkles and creases of the faces, and make the lips and cheeks plump. Choosing the dermal fillers San Marcos provides the best result.

  • How long does it take for the procedure to complete?

Injecting the fillers takes less than an hour, and since it is a non-surgical treatment, the recovery time is minimal. Based on the type of filler chosen, the filler can last for a month or even a year.

  • Are dermal fillers permanent?

No, dermal fillers are not permanent and dissolve. If you are unsatisfied with any result, you can switch to a different type of filler. Also, once a filler dissolves, you can consider getting a revision procedure.

  • Can anyone perform a dermal filler procedure?

Only a professional, certified, and trained healthcare provider can perform the dermal filler procedure. They have the knowledge to deal with pre and post-procedural complications. So, choose a dermatologist with 4-5 years of MBBS degree and three years of master’s degree in dermatology.

  • What are the risks of dermal fillers?

The side effects are temporary, and complications are rare. However, the risks associated with any cosmetic surgery are – Asymmetrical appearance, bleeding, redness, pain, swelling, skin damage, and the appearance of scars; injections can lead to necrosis, lumps under the skin pimples, rashes, and itchiness.


If you have any allergies or are undergoing medical treatment, discuss with the healthcare providers before getting the cosmetic injection. Also, go through regular check-ups after getting the treatment. Dermal Fillers are non-invasive and safe and have shown effective results.