Your Guide to Beautiful Hair: Top Products and Strategies for Healthy Locks

Picture this moment: You are walking down the street, strutting in your heels while your glorious Rapunzel-like locks make heads turn, wondering – ‘how does she do that?’ That, dear folks – is the magic of alluring locks, the one that we all wish to achieve but only a few get it! The reason: multiple! From pollution to harmful chemicals to lack of hydration!! No wonder why getting a great hair day is nothing short of a miracle! 

It’s time to let that miracle happen!! As you scroll down this post, we will give you a quick list of hydrating products and the correct strategies. The result? Enticingly lustrous locks down the way! Time to leap into this haircare routine – 

Which ingredients are essential for healthy hair? 

For the unversed, experts would tell you that a host of haircare products would help you. However, let us give you a clearer picture. When you use hydration and repair products like HYDR-8, the chances of you achieving the desired hair increase exponentially. It is crucial you check out those key ingredients that help you gain those healthy locks back – 

  • Karmatin 

You have heard of keratin, surely. But karmatin? Well, that’s a vegan, cruelty-free biomimicry of the same! It is a product of microencapsulation, a process by which b-silk protein (replica of wasp spider protein) changes into a vegan protein that has the capacity to attach to the crevices of your hair follicles that are damaged. What happens is that despite you rinsing your hair, it remains attached to it, both nourishing it and protecting it from external aggressors. 

For the unversed, this is Vegamour’s unique twist on the concept of microencapsulation that has yielded positive results. Whereas keratin would rinse away after a wash or two, when it comes to karmatin, the protein component stays until it heals your locks, despite washing your hair! 

  • Extracts of Murumuru seed butter 

You perhaps have not heard of it, but this is no less than a miracle product. Obtained from the mouth of the Amazon River, this is the fruit fat of murumuru nuts that grows along wet basins. Its anti-inflammatory properties and healing nature ensure that the moisture in your locks is protected and your hair maintains its elasticity. Given that it is high in Vitamin A and E, this tones down your frizzy locks protects it from UV rays, and ensures that the color is locked in (if you have dyed your hair). 

Additionally, it amplifies scalp health by reducing itching and restoring overprocessed hair (constant straightening or other heat treatments). Hence, if you are looking for haircare products that would make your locks shine like never before, pick one that has this component! 

  • Mushroom extracts 

Whether you love mushroom dishes or not, finding a haircare product that has mushrooms in it is a must! They have their origin in Chinese herbology and are known to lock in the moisture in your hair. Additionally, there have been proven instances of reishi mushrooms helping to reduce alopecia areata symptoms – strengthening hair follicles, and promoting blood circulation in the scalp. For the unversed, there is clinical evidence that reishi mushrooms prohibit the dihydrotestosterone production that causes hair fall. 

  • Aloe vera 

You know the benefits of aloe vera – for both skin and hair!! From deep cleaning your scalp and removing the itchiness to fuelling the growth of new hair – there’s nothing that aloe vera extracts cannot do! Packed with Vitamins E, B12, and A, this is just what you need to strengthen your locks! 

  • Milk Thistle 

Are you wondering what this is and how it helps promote hair growth? For the unknown, it is an herb found in fringes of Asia, the Mediterranean, and southern Europe that is anti-oxidant and anti-viral. This primary component, Silymarin, helps strengthen hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss. 

  • Amino acid is a must

Another must-have component in your haircare routine is to find a hair product that has this listed in its ingredient list. Amino acids hydrate and soften hair, thereby boosting its shine and growth. If cysteine regrows damaged hair, lysine strengthens the root, and methionine slows down the greying process. 

All the above-mentioned ingredients are untowardly essential for maintaining a nourished set of locks! These components, along with your regular water consumption, help enhance your hair’s moisture levels and prevent dryness – thereby saving it a lackluster appearance. 

Additionally, it reduces the brittleness of hair and keeps it manageable and soft. Hence, it is imperative that you find a product packed with these ingredients and more that help your hair remain red-carpet ready, always!! 

Some notable changes to better your hair 

Assuming you have been reading this article well, you already have a fair idea of how the aforementioned components help maintain the hydration levels of your hair. However, it is imperative that apart from using products that are packed with these ingredients, you also must avoid certain practices that are unhealthy for your hair – and body in general – 

  • Do not excessively use shampoo or oil (or any other product) on your hair. The scalp generally has natural secretions that are essential for its health. Too much of any additional product negates its benefit and, hence, is more harmful than beneficial for your hair.
  • Use as little heat on your hair as possible. For many individuals, using a hair dryer, hair straightener, or hair curler is a regular affair. You must stop this since it hinders the growth of your hair. 
  • While choosing hair products, go for organic products that have the aforementioned ingredients (aloe vera, karmatin, extracts of mushroom and murumuru seed butter, and more). The key to choosing the right product is that vegan and organic products have a limited shelf life. Hence, check the dates of the products and the contents to be assured. 
  • Lastly, cut down on your alcohol, cigarette, and junk food consumption. Rather, go in for nutritious, Vitamin D and E-laced diets and drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water daily to help your body (and hair) heal internally. 

These are some of the key lifestyle changes that you must bring to ensure you are introduced to healthier locks in the future. 

Closing thoughts 

There are multiple hair care products in town that claim to be ‘organic’ ‘vegan’, and ‘non-chemical based’ in the market. However, as an aware individual, you need to figure out which noted hydrating and hair repair products actually stand true to their promises like that of Vegamour and which brands are to be left behind. Check the contents of the product and the reputation of the brand before you use it to nourish your hair.