What Happens If Your Crown Chakra Is Blocked?

A blocked crown chakra can result in a pervasive sense of disconnection from the spirit and the universe. It can also cause physical ailments like headaches and general tension.

Getting your crown chakra back into alignment can be challenging, especially if it’s been blocked for a long time. Fortunately, there are several ways to unblock this energy center.

Mental Symptoms

Blocked crown chakras often manifest as feelings of disconnection from the world around them. People with a blocked crown chakra tend to have a hard time empathizing with the needs and wants of others, making it difficult for them to form meaningful relationships. They may also feel a sense of spiritual disconnection, leading to a lack of purpose and meaning in life.

Other mental symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include feelings of skepticism toward a higher power and a tendency to be closed off to new ideas or advice from others. A blocked crown chakra can also lead to a narcissistic mindset and an overemphasis on material wealth, with little consideration for spiritual or emotional well-being.

A blocked crown chakra can also make it challenging to surrender control and have faith in the natural flow of life. This can lead to feelings of insecurity or paranoia, as well as an inability to let go of limiting beliefs and assumptions. Having a blockage in your seventh chakra can also cause difficulties with sleep, as you may struggle to find a restful and deep state of consciousness.

The good news is that unblocking your crown chakra can bring a host of positive mental and spiritual changes to your life. As you begin to open and balance this energy center, you may experience less skepticism, a greater sense of connection to the universe, and more synchronicity and abundance.

There are a variety of practices that can help you open your crown chakra, including meditation, chanting, and practicing pranayama. For example, Nadi Shodhan, or alternate nostril breathing, can release tension in the crown chakra while enhancing concentration. Other techniques for balancing your crown chakra include fasting, which allows you to devote your attention to spiritual nourishment and higher consciousness (this should only be done under the guidance of a doctor). You can also try incorporating certain foods into your diet to support the health of this energy center.

Physical Symptoms

The crown chakra deals with the spiritual world and personal growth, so it’s easy to see how a blocked crown chakra can negatively impact your life. It can cause a lack of trust in the universe and in your own intuition, resulting in feelings of depression and listlessness. It also affects your relationship to the spiritual world and to other people, especially if you don’t think you can ever get past your own problems.

A blocked crown chakra can also manifest as a closed mind and an inability to consider new ideas or perspectives. It may also lead to a fear of spiritual or energy beings, as well as a need for control over your life’s outcomes. This can lead to an inability to relax and let go, which can hinder your physical health by causing tension in the body and mind.

Because the crown chakra is located in the head, the most common physical symptom of this blockage is headaches. They can range from minor to severe, and they typically affect the back of your head. Some people also report feeling ungrounded, like they’re not connected to their bodies or the ground below them. Other physical symptoms can include hearing and vision issues, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), and an inability to focus.

The good news is once you start working on opening and balancing your crown chakra, these physical symptoms should begin to dissipate. Practicing yoga poses and meditation, along with seeking the help of a Reiki practitioner, are great ways to start addressing the issue.

The crown chakra is also connected to the idea of being of service to others, so it’s important to try to find ways to be of benefit to those around you. This can be as simple as holding the door open for someone with their hands full or donating your time and energy to those in need. It can also be as complex as volunteering abroad or focusing on a Loving Kindness meditation, where you wish peace, safety, good health, and happiness for all beings, including yourself.

Emotional Symptoms

The crown chakra deals with self-knowledge and spiritual growth, so when it is blocked, you may experience a lack of understanding of your own life path. A lack of awareness in this area can lead to feeling disconnected from the people and world around you. You may be unable to feel a connection with the divine or any higher power at all. This can cause a sense of loneliness and isolation, even when you are in a social setting. The feelings of disconnection can also manifest as a general feeling of skepticism about a higher power or the spirit world.

One of the best ways to bring your Crown Chakra back into balance is through acts of service. This can be anything from donating your time and energy to helping others to simply holding the door open for someone who needs it. You can also practice the Loving Kindness meditation, which involves wishing peace, safety, good health, and happiness for all beings, including yourself.

Another way to activate the crown chakra is through visualization and meditation. Visualize a violet glow emanating from the top of your head and spreading outward. You can also try meditating with crystals like clear quartz or wearing crystal jewelry. It can also be beneficial to read books or listen to podcasts that encourage personal growth and help you step away from any limiting beliefs.

A final way to balance the crown chakra is through self-inquiry. You can ask yourself, “Am I living in alignment with my highest good?” The answer to this question is a direct reflection of the state of your Crown Chakra. A healthy and open Crown Chakra is in alignment with the universe, and all that is.

As with all chakras, it is a long journey to unblock and rebalance the crown chakra. However, once this chakra is opened and energized, the mental and physical symptoms that it produces will fade away. This is because this chakra is the only one that is in tune with the divine. If you are able to connect with this energy, it will help to soothe the other chakras as well.

Spiritual Symptoms

When you have a blocked Crown Chakra, it can make you feel disconnected from your spirituality. You may feel like you don’t have a purpose or that your life is meaningless, which can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. You may also have trouble finding rest due to insomnia and ringing sounds in your ears. You may have a general feeling of disconnection from nature and from other people. You might even have a fear of energy beings and higher powers.

When your Crown Chakra is open, you have a more expansive view of the universe and your place in it. You have a better sense of the interconnectedness of all things and the underlying unity of existence. You might also notice that you become more open to ideas and knowledge from others, and you are more able to trust the process of life.

Blocked energies in your Crown Chakra can also make you cynical and skeptical of spiritual concepts. You might find it hard to accept ideas that can’t be measured or proven scientifically, and you may dismiss practices like meditation or energy healing as nonsense.

A blocked Crown Chakra can leave you feeling adrift and without a clear path forward in your personal and professional lives. You might feel like you lack a sense of purpose, and you struggle to identify your passions and goals. You may feel like you are not living your own truth or that you don’t have a unique perspective to offer the world.

You can work to unblock the crown chakra by meditating, doing yoga, or using crystals and essential oils. A regular meditation practice can help you to connect with your higher self and the Universal energy that runs through all living things. You can try a few different meditation techniques, such as breathing exercises (pranayama) or chanting OM. You can also try doing a pose called Tree Pose (Vrksasana) in yoga or practicing the Sahasrara Mudra, which involves touching the tips of your index and middle fingers together at the top of your head.