Uncovering the Benefits of Blue Light Therapy for Skin Health

blue light theraphy for skin

Multiple dermatologists and experts use blue light therapy to treat skin problems to boost blood cells naturally. Our bodies have healing properties, but it combines photodynamic therapy with photosynthesizing.

Uncovering the Benefits of Blue Light Therapy for Skin Health, such as acne, depression, hair loss, and many more issues, can be resolved using this treatment. Blue light therapy has a specific wavelength to stimulate the epidermis by infiltrating your skin’s deeper layers. LED devices repeatedly target the affected area in multiple sessions to circulate hemoglobin and melanin compounds. However, sometimes blue light therapy is combined with red light therapy to create an effective treatment for skin disorders therapy to activate blood cells.

Therefore, it is advised to stay at home after this treatment to avoid other lights for several hours or days. Continue reading to know more.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy for Skin Health

Blue light therapy has multiple benefits for the skin without any side effects, as these are noninvasive and painful. Here are some effective treatments for skin disorders that you must know.

Heal Sun Damage Skin

Sun damage is usually caused by direct sunlight exposure while not wearing sunscreen. Hours of exposure can lead to severe skin burn sensation or turn your upper layer into crust and red. UV range can damage your skin’s epidermal and keratinocytes cells and harm beneath layers if not treated appropriately.

So blue light therapy is applied to treat damaged skin layers without pain or inflammation sensation. Photosensitive chemicals are applied through medication to heal the damaged skin. During the procedure, you might wait for several hours for your skin to absorb the medication, and after the treatment will begin.

The specific wavelength is approximately 450 to 495 nm combined with medication, so your skin gets oxygen molecules to treat the affected area. The damaged skin gets its treatment; however, this light therapy won’t harm surrounding skin tissue.

Kill Cancerous Cells

Sunburn and unhygienic skin care routines can spread cancerous cells into your skin. UV lights, such as tanning booths, and sun exposure are major causes of this disease buildup. However, this therapy prevents cancerous cells by removing cancerous skin lesions and precancerous skin lesions before spreading.

Blue light therapy can be used in the early stages or to prevent this disease through multiple sessions. When it penetrates through the skin, this therapy stimulates the blood vessels and generates the blood cells. Flavin and flavoproteins mechanisms are boosted by blue light therapy, which is vital to improve the skin condition and prevent cancerous cells.

Applying photosynthesizing drugs during the sessions can energize the cells with oxygen. It targets the immune system and averts damaged blood cells from feeding this disease. However, it’s better to consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

Heal Acne Issues

Propionibacterium acnes can be cured by blue light therapy as it eliminates the bacteria. Pollution and dirt are the main causes of blocking the pores and oil glands, which leads to bacteria buildup. Blue light is an effective way to prevent p- acne problems for any skin type.

Blue light therapy has an antimicrobial effect in treating severe breakouts and wavelengths. Perfect for reaching layers of the skin to kill multiple severe bacteria causing acne problems. The production of multimeric tyrosinase leads to a higher Fitzpatrick phototype.

These are two vital compounds stimulated by blue light therapy underneath the skin. Enhances skin condition and reduces the development of oil glands to decrease acne. Boosting the blood cells and oxygen to open pores and hair follicles, which are blocked due to oil glands and dirt.

Cure Depression

Depression can cause due to sleep deprivation and an overload of work pressure, but it can trigger by anything. The circadian rhythm targets much light exposure at nighttime using gadgets. Leading to overthinking and mood swings. However, blue light therapy benefits in several ways to enhance brain activity. In contrast, improving the sleeping cycle and brain alertness.

Most people suffer from Seasonal Affective Depression, known as SAD, and other depression once in a lifetime. Experts and doctors suggest using this LED blue light device at home can cure depression by elevating the mood. You can do any activity using this device, such as reading books, working, etc.

It reduces melatonin secretion, leading to overthinking and mood swings. And it enhances the modulated serotonin levels in the brain to calm down your nervous system. The areas where depression affects the hippocampus, hypothalamus, and amygdala can be healed gradually by using this therapy.

Enhance Hair Growth

For this treatment, blue light therapy doesn’t apply directly to the scalp for hair growth.  This therapy enhances the strands for effective and swift results in improving scalp condition. Red light and blue light therapy prevent hair loss, as red light enhances collagen and elastic production. Blue light energizes the hair follicle to strengthen the hair roots for better growth.

Professionals perform this therapy at clinics at specific wavelengths according to your condition. Most androgenetic alopecia patients benefit from this therapy by performing it for ten weeks, twice. This natural remedy requires boosted hair density and shaft. Indeed it carries a melanic compound that can turn your hair into a darker shade.

There are several devices available for blue light therapy for home use. However, you must avoid using this treatment before going to bed. The melatonin compound can cause sleeping issues, yet use it anytime during the day.

Preventing Jaundice

When red blood cells and hemoglobin break down, it produces the Bilirubin compound in newborns. Bilirubin is the major cause of jaundice; however, it disappears in several days naturally. The higher this compound’s level is, the risker it gets, leading to brain damage risk.

This treatment is tested and proven to keep your newborns in blue light to eliminate jaundice gradually. The wavelength of this light can play a significant role as it boosts the healing compounds. Penetration through tissues for effective results is crucial, so you must check the brightness level of approximately 460 to 490 nm region of LED lights.

This therapy is painless and noninvasive for newborns, but you must keep it in check with your little ones. If the bilirubin levels are not that high, this therapy is optional and can be performed effortlessly at home. Until your baby is cured of jaundice, you must use this therapy daily to manage the symptoms.

Improve Memory

Blue is a soothing color that aids in concentration and helps the brain to calm down. It enhances memory by wakefulness and enhances communication skills. Dementia is mostly experienced by stress or after sixty+ age people, but it can manage due to this therapy.

This light therapy improves memory, which signifies a circadian rhythm wake-up call. People with Alzheimer’s mostly encounter sleep deprivation, the leading cause of memory loss. Blue light therapy improves the sleep cycle so patients can sleep better at night.

Light therapy exposes the ability to remember by enhancing concentration in the mind. It regulates mood and brain health for proper memory function.

Bottom Line

Uncovering the Benefits of Blue Light Therapy for Skin Health are numerous without any side effects. This can reduce acne and heal sunburn by naturally producing healing properties in blood cells. However, blue light therapy greatly impacts hormones and other blood components to prevent depression and cancerous skin cells.

If used significantly, the blood circulating cells and production of other compounds activate the healing system. Gradually, by using blue light therapy, you’ll be able to see changes in your mood and skin conditions.