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Peekaboo Hair Color Tutorial: How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Style

Peekaboo hair color has gained popularity in the fashion industry for its potential to add a colorful and pleasing touch to any hairstyle.

Whether you need to enhance your natural hair color or make an ambitious statement, peekaboo hair color is an excellent choice.

In this peekaboo hair color tutorial, we’ll offer step-by-step instructions on how to reap peekaboo hair color and enhance your style. Let’s get started.

What is A Peakaboo Hair?

The term “peek-a-boo” is often used interchangeably with peekaboo hair, regarding the element of surprise and playfulness that includes this coloring approach. Just like playing peekaboo as a kid, the colored sections of hair reveal themselves when they “peek” through the natural hair color.

Peekaboo hair is a unique coloring technique where sections of hair are strategically dyed in vibrant or contrasting colors, which can be hidden or “peek” through the natural hair color or even to your hair extensions. It’s a playful manner to feature a pop of exhilaration and personal style for your look.

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Whether you choose blonde peekaboo highlights, purple peekaboo hair, or peekaboo pink hair, this technique lets you experiment with exclusive colorations and create beautiful effects.

To reap peekaboo hair, you may use specialized hair dye, called peekaboo hair dye, designed for this particular coloring method. The dye is commonly vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring your peekaboo shade sticks out and keeps its vibrancy over time.

Step 1: Preparing for Peekaboo Hair Color

Before we continue to the application procedure, selecting the best color for your hair is a must. Consider elements including your skin tone and preferences.

For people with dark hair or dark brown hair, vibrant colors like pink, blue, or pink can create a stunning effect.

If you have lighter strands, like blonde hair or brown, there are many blonde peekaboo hair ideas. You can opt for pastels or maybe exclusive shades of blonde.

Moreover, gather all of the essential materials beforehand, which include;

  • Hair dye in your desired shades
  • A developer
  • Gloves
  • Brushes
  • Foils
  • Towels

Having everything prepared will make the application process smoother and more enjoyable.

Step 2: Creating the Base

To ensure that your peekaboo hair color stands proudly, creating a base shade is important. This may be performed by lightening the sections where you want your peekaboo color to be most prominent. Begin by sectioning and setting apart the hair you want to color. This step is essential to attain easy and unique effects.

Next, prepare and follow the base shade. You can use foils to separate the colored sections from the rest of your hair or choose a balayage approach for a greater blended effect.

Furthermore, follow the instructions with the hair dye to combine it well and apply it lightly. Once the bottom shade is complete, let it process according to the dye’s suggested time.

Step 3: Adding the Peekaboo Color

Peekaboo highlights are strategically placed to create a beautiful effect after peaking through your natural black hair shade.

The placement of these highlights relies upon your style and the preferred effect you want to achieve.

  • For a subtle appearance, place the highlights closer to the roots
  • For an extra dramatic impact, apply them furtherly down.

To apply the peekaboo color,

  • Mix the dye consistent with the instructions provided
  • Using foils, isolate the sections you want to color and apply the dye evenly.
  • Make sure to saturate the strands well to gain vibrant and long-lasting effects.
  • After applying the dye, permit it to process for the suggested time.

Step 4: Techniques for Different Hair Types and Lengths

Peekaboo hair shade can be applied to various types of hair and lengths, and the techniques may additionally vary, barely relying on the hair characteristics. For you to have a guide, please see the table under.


Straight Consider creating clean and defined sections for a specific look.


Wavy or Curly This hair type can benefit from the combined application, ensuring the colors seamlessly transition with the natural texture.


Short Put attention on creating striking pops of color.


Medium to Large Medium to longer hair allows for extra experimentation and layering.


Note: These techniques may differ slightly depending on the hair characteristics.

Step 5: Aftercare and Maintenance

To maintain peekaboo hair color, proper aftercare is essential. Use color-safe shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in remedies to guard and nourish your colored strands. Minimize exposure to daylight, as it can fade the colors extra speedy.

You can avail of these products at Overtone, which offers authentic and high-quality products to help your peekaboo hairstyle last longer.

Moreover, heat styling and frequent washing also can affect the longevity of the color, so try to restrict their use while viable.



Adding peekaboo hair shade to your style is a thrilling way to show your creativity and beautify your typical appearance.

Following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, you can achieve beautiful outcomes customized to your precise preferences and hair characteristics.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with exceptional hues and strategies to create a style that certainly reflects your persona. Peekaboo hair color is a versatile and amusing trend that allows you to make a bold statement while keeping your individuality.

So go ahead, unleash your inner artist persona, and revel in the colorful world of peekaboo hair color!