How to Prevent Roaches on Drains and Pipes

Photo by Kelly

Seeing cockroaches crawling out from the drain is one of the most disgusting things to witness, which can be really scary for some people. Cockroaches are tough creatures that can thrive in any environment. They particularly love staying in damp, wet, humid, and dark areas like drains and pipes. It is not surprising to see roaches crawling out of the sink or drain but when there is infestation it is a serious problem that can relate to sanitary issues and can indicate compromised plumbing.

Understanding How Cockroaches Behave

Cockroaches enter premises and homes through the pipe systems. They commonly use the drain of a sink as an entry point. Even if roaches are capable of surviving up to a month without any food, they can only survive 7 days without water.

It is very usual for cockroaches to stay and live in or near bathroom or kitchen drains where they have easy access to water. It is common to see these creepy insects near water sources such as sinks, leaky pipes, drains, or bathtubs.

Aside from being a nuisance, roaches can bring a plethora of infectious diseases, allergens, and bacteria which could be detrimental to one’s health. The best way to avoid infestation is to prevent them from entering your premises while keeping a healthy environment.

Why cockroaches are common in homes and hard to control:

  • Cockroaches and other insects can be a usual problem in older structures and homes.
  • Roaches continue to develop immunity to common commercially bought insecticides.
  • Cockroaches have the ability to detect pesticides and will find ways to evade them.

Preventing Cockroaches in Drains and Pipes

The key to keep roaches from crawling out of drains is to ensure drainpipes never dry out. There are other methods that are useful in killing and preventing cockroaches from drains that you can do at home.

  1. Water- Pour water with no other cleaning agents into all floor drains and sinks at least once a month. It is advisable to do this every week for areas with humid and hot weather. Paying special attention to drains or sinks which are rarely used.
  2. Bleach- This common household item is useful in keeping the drains sanitized while killing the roaches in contact. Use undiluted pure bleach and pour it directly on the drains. Make sure your pipelines are conducive to this substance since bleach is highly corrosive.
  3. Mineral or cooking oil- Just pour a good amount of oil down the drains to prevent water from evaporating.
  4. Keep areas near the drain and sink clean and free from garbage or food leftovers.
  5. Use drain covers especially at night to prevent roaches from crawling out of the pipes.
  6. Deprive roaches of any food and water source.

Blocking Cockroaches’ Entry Points

It is recommended to check all drains and pipelines to ensure no cracks or holes. Inspect all possible entry points, especially under the sink, and look for gaps or leakages. Use silicone sealants or fillers and seal off cracks and holes with caulk. Also, check all faucets for leakage which could be an indication of a pipeline system problem.

Installing liquid trap primers is a good way of deterring roaches from crawling up the drains. Plumbing professionals and roach exterminators can install these, which is ideal for controlling roach infestations in commercial establishments.