Vacuum Therapy Buttocks Machine, Bella vacuum

Is Vacuum Therapy A Safe and Effective Way for Butt Lifting?

  • What exactly is a vacuum therapy machine?

Vacuum therapy machine uses the principle of traditional Chinese medicine cupping, in ancient times the Chinese used hollowed out animal horns or bamboo joints, using methods such as burning fire and pumping gas to generate negative pressure in the cup, so that it is adsorbed on the body surface, through physical stimulation and negative pressure artificially causing capillary rupture bruising, mobilizing the body’s repair function, and the absorption function of necrotic blood cells, which can promote blood circulation, stimulate the vitality, regulate Qi and blood at the same time, it is a kind of physical therapy with a long history. In simple terms, the vacuum therapy machine uses different size cups to generate different rhythmic negative pressure on the corresponding parts of the body to achieve lifting and tightening effects.

  • Does vacuum therapy really work?

The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries congested, stimulate the organs, enhance cellular vitality, promote functional activities and improve the resistance of the body; the mechanical stimulation of negative pressure, transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway, can regulate the neural activity tends to balance. During the operation, the inhalation and deflation, the increase and disappearance of negative pressure alternate, making the local pores open and close continuously, promoting skin breathing, increasing its oxygen intake and accelerating waste elimination. It has the efficacy of warming the meridians, activating blood circulation, opening the orifices and relaxing the tendons, dispersing blood stasis and swelling, removing toxins and driving away evil. Combined with deep massage to make the blood flow smoothly, unblocking the hip meridians, making the invisible Qi drive the tangible blood, tightening the elastic fibers of the skin, preventing the skin tissue from sagging and dispersing.

  • How to achieve butt lift by vacuum therapy?

Keep in mind that you will likely take multi sessions to achieve the desired effect, if you want to have plum and lifted buttocks, you are advised to take 3 courses of treatment, each course is made up of 12 sessions, after 1 course you could find that the line of the buttocks is getting clear; after 2 courses, the excess fat of buttocks disappear, the skin is getting firm; the 3rd course improve cold in body and palace, solve the gynecological problems, regulate menstruation to return to normal, consolidate the general effect, and invests women with glamour and charm.

  • What are the side effects of vacuum therapy machine?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment and does not require anesthesia or recovery time, you can get back to work right after the treatment, so the side effect is minimal, you may experience slight pain, tightness or mild swelling on occasion, but it would disappear in a few days. The after-treatment care is important, and it can help you to avoid the side effect from getting worse and achieving the best result, you are suggested to keep the treatment area warm and avoid to catch a cold; take a shower in 4 – 6 hours later after the procedure; drink plenty of warm water and do not drink alcohol or overeat, or eat raw, cold, spicy, food; get enough sleep and avoid sauna or strenuous exercise.

  • Can you carry out this procedure at home?

Absolutely Yes, actually it would be better if you are going to take the vacuum therapy at home, as a non-invasive therapy it is pretty safe during the whole procedure, you can complete it at home very well; besides, the cost of the vacuum therapy is much more expensive at the clinic while the cost of a vacuum therapy machine is minimal, from the cost side, it worths to give the vacuum therapy machine a try; it is more convenient to have vacuum therapy at home, since you don’t have to make an appointment and schedule extra time for the appointment, anytime you want it you are free to have it at home; usually the treatment you take at the clinic includes several parts of body, while with a vacuum therapy machine, you are able to apply it on your face, neck, abdomen and waist, back, buttocks, and breast etc. 

  • How long does vacuum therapy buttocks last?

Despite the many pros of vacuum therapy, the effect of vacuum therapy is not permanent, the truth is that once you stop the treatment, your skin is more likely go back to where it was. So, it is advised to keep a healthy diet and take moderate exercise the prolong the effect. In case you are looking for the permanent results, the surgery option may be more suitable for you, however as we all know about the risk of a surgery, you must consult your doctor before you take action.

  • Where to buy best vacuum therapy machine?

Nowadays, there are a wide range of vacuum therapy machines you find online, and they vary in price, appearance, function and result, you cannot just pick one randomly, since you may get injured using a vacuum therapy machine with low quality, if the manufactory is not capable to control the suction power in a certain range, the suction power could be too strong which will lead to pain, otherwise if the suction power is not enough, the who treatment is useless. 


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