Best Instagram Ideas to Get More Followers

Well, there’s no harm in trying something new! As the years roll, Instagram does come up with a lot of interesting updates. Other than Reels, surely there’s a lot more to discover. These new features can be used to create more interesting content in order to get you more followers.


Surely, there are always chances to get Instagram followers free, although it’s a bit tricky these days since the competition gets rougher. However, we got some Instagram ideas that might interest you.

Best Instagram Ideas to Get More Followers!

1. Turn Instagram Content Into Reels


The Instagram reels algorithm provides content recommendations from other creators that you haven’t followed before, so you will find an endless variety of the latest content. You can also check glossary Instagram to know the various things related to how you should manage your Instagram account.


On the other hand, short video content also has a higher interaction rate of up to 1.5% compared to photo content, so it can be a good content marketing strategy to increase interaction with other Instagram users. You can also use the popularity of Instagram reel content as an Instagram trend this year.


For example, you can change Instagram highlight content into reel content, so that your product can be seen by a wider target audience. Not only that, but you can also change the Instagram feed content regarding interesting interactions and education, so you can increase interaction with the audience. So even before using the followers app, you still have a great chance to get more followers in the future.


All you have to do is collect a variety of short photo and video content that has been uploaded on Instagram feeds and stories and then re-uploaded on Instagram reel content. So that Instagram users who have never seen the content can see it in a different format with a more unique and attractive appearance.


You can also add some additional decorations such as appropriate song accompaniments and filters to enhance the appearance of the video. Using closed captions on videos can also help improve Instagram SEO performance so that your content can be seen by many people who are looking for your content with certain keywords.


2. Use Attractive Video Edit Trends


And before using Insta followers Pro to get more followers, use the unique video edit instead. Video content with the same format every day will certainly make the audience bored to see it.


Therefore it is important for Instagram creators to improve the quality of videos so that they are more attractive to viewers. You can start by creating video content using brighter lighting, so as to provide clearer content results.


Using sunlight or ring light will help produce a brighter video. Not only that, but you can also use a camera that has a better camera resolution to provide better content results.


You can choose to buy a phone with a better camera resolution and larger storage, making it easier to store the various content you have. To make the appearance of video content more attractive, you can use templates available in various video editing applications.


These templates will produce content that is more exciting and unique so that it gets the attention of Instagram users.


These are only a few content ideas that you can try to get instagram followers. In the future, we will provide more tips and methods to create new Instagram content that feels fresh and different. Stay tuned!