Where to Buy Boujie Scented Candles in the Philippines?

Are you looking for Diptyque, Boy Smells, Malin + Goetz, Maison Margiela Replica, and other more niche fragrance brands? Then you went to the right place. Below is the list of stores where to buy scented candles in the Philippines.

I got to know these stores during the 2020 pandemic lockdown when I decided to redecorate my bedroom and buy a candle warmer because there was nowhere else to go I want to make my room cozier for sleep, work, binge-watching, and other hobbies.

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Where to buy scented candles in the Philippines?

1. HOOM – They sell hand-picked quality goods sourced from talented artists and makers across the globe, delivered to your door. This is where I bought my Memory Lane candle warmer and my first Boy Smells candle. They also carry the brand Frama.

2. LIT LIFESTYLE – This is a concept store based in Manila offering unique home and hobby finds favoring function and aesthetics. They carry brands like Boy Smells, Soohyang, and PF Candle Co. They also sell candle warmers, incense, room sprays, and more.

3. RUSTAN’S – Of course, they are on this list. They are the OG company that brought luxury brands to the Philippines. They carry the most brands in this list like Jo Malone, Malin + Goetz, Maison Margiela Replica, Diptyque, Maison Francis Kurkdjan, LA Bruket, and more niche fragrance brands. If you have FSP (Frequent Shopper Program) membership, you can also use it on their online store.

4. BOO•GEE – Founded in 2020 by siblings, Karina Kapunan-Cuenco & Viktor Kapunan, boo•gee (pronunciation of bougie, French for candle), sells scented candles and perfumes from brands like Maison Louis Marie, Brooklyn Candle Studio, and PF Candle Co.

5. ADORA – Owned by Rustan’s Group, this department store carries niche fragrance brands like LA Bruket, Diptyque, Votivo, Malin + Goetz, Acca Kappa, and Maison Francis Kurkdjan.

6. TRUNC – This luxury e-commerce site carries niche perfume brands like Diptyque, Acca Kappa, and more. They even sell the TWG Tea Candles which I am eyeing right now.

7. LAZADA – Some of you may be surprised I included this here. LazMall is a legit seller, one of them is Jo Malone.

8. CULT BEAUTY – This is not really in the Philippines. Cult Beauty is based in the UK and carries brands like Byredo, Le Labo, Overose, Earl of East, Maison Margiela Replica, and more. The downside is, they don’t ship all their brands to the Philippines so often times I use ShippingCart, a forwarding company.

9. SSENSE – Another e-commerce platform based abroad, this one is from Canada. This is where I bought my Maison Margiela Replica Matcha Meditation Candle, and they also carry brands like eym Naturals, Boy Smells, Ginori 1735, Frama, Trudon, Earl of East, and more.

So far these are the stores I know where to buy scented candles in the Philippines. As always, I will update this list when I found more.