A Red Lipstick Can Help Boost Your Appearance By Several Degrees

One can never go wrong with bold and classic nude lipstick. Red shades have always been a staple in every girl’s makeup stash because they can rock all kinds of looks. Even if you want to dress up in subtle clothing with light makeup, you can enhance your appearance with the touch of a vibrant red lip shade. It can help you stay on top of your meetings, brunches, and night parties.

Red is an iconic color that can boost your appearance and ensemble. Be it a little black dress or your casual shirt and blue denim look, red works with all kinds of looks. From Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid, these lipsticks have been a glamorous addition to a girl’s or woman’s vanity kit. A bonus of wearing a bold red lip color is that it can make your teeth appear whiter!

This article brings you tips to slay a red lip color in a bold yet classy way. So let’s go and paint the town red!

8 Proven tips for using red-colored lipsticks

1. Pick your texture 

There are various textures available in red lipsticks- matte, creamy, glossy, crayon, and liquid. Choose the one you are most comfortable with. Also, different textures can complement different kinds of looks.

For example, a glossy red lip can do wonders at a party, whereas a matte can make for a successful office look. This is because your lipstick texture is crucial in elevating the entire look. However, textures like cream and matte go with all kinds of looks. So if you want to play safe, go with these.

2. Choosing the right shade as per your skin tone 

Another tip is to consider your skin tone to find reds that sync with your skin color and undertones. We would also advise you to try out various shades of this color to know which would suit you the best.

3. Dark and deep skin tone

You can ace your look with dark and deep skin tones by avoiding dark-shade lipsticks with a white base. But you can also go with wine, chocolate, and brown-red shades. Warmer and orange-toned red shades can also work well.

4. Neutral and dusky skin tone 

Medium dark shades with cool undertones complement the dusky and medium skin tones. You can play with shades that have blue and pink undertones. If looking for warmer-toned lipsticks, one can also go with reddish and orange-toned hues.

5. Light skin tone

You can play with colors like burgundy and berry very well with a light skin tone. However, for warmer undertones, it is better to go with rich colors like apricot, golden hues, or orange-red hues. They will add a pop to your lips by bringing out your skin tone in an effortless way.

6. Prep your lips

Chapped and dry lips can ruin your look. Therefore, it is crucial to prep your lips before you put on your red lipstick. First, exfoliation is the best way to ensure a sleek and smooth glide of lipstick. Next, use a good lip scrub to remove flakiness and a good lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

7. Create a base and lip lining 

To fill in those cracks in your lips, apply some concealer or foundation over your lips. It will help extend the duration of your lipstick. The next step is to line your lips. Lip liners are very important as they help create a neat outline to prevent your lipstick from getting smudged.

8. Try the blotting method

After choosing your red lipstick and outlining your lips, it’s time to get it on. One trick to effortlessly apply lipstick is to put on the first coat and blot the excess lipstick with tissue paper. After that, apply a second coat and blot again.

Now, dab some translucent powder onto your lips with a light hand to set the lipstick.

Flaunt this melon red lipstick to stand out!

There are many red lip colors available, but Mamaearth’s Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick – Melon Red, is one of the finest red shades. This Melon Red Lipstick suits all skin colors and undertones.

Infused with the goodness of Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, this toxin-free lipstick seals moisture for up to 12 hours. As a result, it nourishes your lips while giving you a high-intensity matte shade. Moreover, unlike other matte lipsticks, it does not dry out your lips.

Instead, it keeps moisture locked in for up to 8 hours. While Vitamin E helps prevent hyperpigmentation, avocado oil provides antioxidant benefits. So you can safely add it to your daily skincare ingredients list!

Mamaearth Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipsticks are Made Safe-Certified, free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

Prep up your lips with this 100% natural lip balm

With the goodness of ubtan infused with turmeric and saffron, Mamaearth’s Ubtan Tinted 100% Natural Lip Balm is the best lip balm for dark lips. It will give your lips long-lasting nourishment with a natural tint from dawn to dusk.

With traditional organic ingredients like coconut oil and honey, the lip balm gives 12-hour-long moisturization to your lips. In addition, you can use it as a base for your lipsticks to deal with dry lips. This Mamaearth lip balm for dark lips can brighten your lips with the Goodness of Nature because it features the following ingredients:

  • Turmeric: A natural melanin inhibitor, turmeric helps reduce pigmentation.
  • Saffron: Known for its skin-lightening benefits, saffron prevents hyperpigmentation and gives you smoother, glowing lips. It also offers UV protection.
  • Honey: A mild exfoliator, honey helps your lips get rid of dead skin cells. It also has moisturizing benefits.
  • Coconut Oil: This natural oil has antibacterial and moisturizing properties.

With this tinted lip balm for dark lips, you can create a casually chic look using a nude lip liner. It will add a dimension of color to your lips and give you a polished look with an even lip outline.

Are you team red?

Since you are already here, we assume you love the bold and classic appeal of red lipsticks. You can try many lipstick combinations in different textures. But remember, the perfect red shade is the one you feel your best and most confident in. Do not shy away from trying on different shades and experimenting!

Mamaearth’s Moisture Matte Long Stay Lipstick in Melon Red is a peppy shade of red that suits almost all skin tones. You can wear it with a casual or office look and amp your appearance by several degrees. What’s more? It doesn’t dry your lips, provides nourishment, and contains no harmful chemicals.

Go for red, now!