Gorgeous, unique and colorful custom neon sign quotes that transform your room

Looking for a stunning neon sign displaying meaningful quotes for your room makeover? Yes, this is the right place. Quotes make powerful room decor. They look 100% better when displayed in neon light form. In today’s article, let’s dive through our best of the best neon light quotes, get inspired, and make your own beautiful, and unique sign to elevate your room.

Personalized name neon sign for bedroom

Wanna make your room look unique? Personalize your name in neon light, and hang it above the headboard to make the room pop. Neon lights not only add a unique and personal touch to any bedroom, but also allow you to create your own haven, and enjoy yourself fully inside this area.


Neon signs are handcrafted from transparent acrylic board, and LED neon strips, giving it a stylish and cool look for literally any space. Our dedication to strong craftsmanship plays a key role into making gorgeous, super high quality and robust LED neon signs at an affordable price.


Let’s scroll down to see how our customers designed her daughter’s name neon sign, and used this light decor to decorate her bedroom.



Green name neon sign casts a magical green glow over the room, transforming the space into a different heaven for the room owner


Our customer is in love with her neon light! This was a great Christmas gift and it’s really cool how the brightness or look of the light can be changed simply with a remote control. Highly recommended for you!

Good night bedroom custom neon sign

Having had bad sleep recently? Well, it’s time to repel the darkness and light up your bedroom pleasantly with our bright, gorgeous Good night sign. It’s beautiful, and the warm white color brings warmth and coziness into the atmosphere, making your bedroom a perfect haven for a good night’s sleep.


Besides, it’s better not to let the room go entirely dark once you hit the sack as you may stumble and fall over when you get up at midnight. With neon light, brightness level can be adjusted with the click of a remote control (don’t worry, this will be provided along with the sign free of charge of course). This way, you can enjoy a sound night’s sleep with blessings from this light.




Bright warm white Good night sign that brightens up the atmosphere lightly, while wishing you a good night’s sleep

Add color pops to your bedroom with custom neon light

Imagine a white-filled bedroom being completely lit up in pink glow? It’s like a magical wonderland being right inside your room. After a tiring day at work or school, being in a place that’s your own and that has neon lights filling up the room with warmth like this is the ultimate reward.


Indulging in gorgeous neon lighting, maybe reading your favorite book, and sipping your favorite cup of milk are truly what wraps up a day beautifully. Wrap yourself around that warm blanket, and have an amazing night’s sleep under surreal neon light!



It was all a dream pink neon light casts a pink glow over the bedroom

Bring energy to your living room with positive quotes

Oftentimes, we find ourselves mentally and physically drained from all those stress, and pressures from being just a human. And when that happens, look inwards for inner strength, and look outwards in your living environment for motivation, and inspiration. Visuals play a role in helping us attract the life we want, so a Good vibes only neon sign will bring positivity into your room.


The addition of this sign will repel evil energy, and draw only good vibes into your daily life. Let’s lay trust in surrounding power to enhance your mood, and thus life by customizing Good vibes only sign for your space. Pick your favorite color, shapes, sizes and fonts, too!

Good vibes only neon light brings purple glow to the reading, and work corner

Compliment yourself with custom neon lights

Words matter, and words have a huge impact on how we think, and perceive ourselves. If you’re bombarded with bad comments on your physical appearance, you will instantly, without hesitation, think that something is wrong with you, when nothing is really. So beware of what kind of words you and your environments feed into your brain daily.


You’re gorgeous, and you should feed that language into your brain. Or if you have someone struggling with negative self-image, a simple quote BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL will immensely provide help. Now, make them a piece of neon artwork that enlightens forever, like your beauty, forever shines.

Pink BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL is hung above the bed headboard

Make your restroom pop

If you’re someone like me, being kinda obsessed over how our bathroom looks. Oftentimes, boring, and uninspiring. Bring in neon light displaying quirky, sassy quote like PLEASE DON’T DO COKE IN THE BATHROOM and make the bathroom pop like fireworks set at 12 o’clock.


Besides, this is a dope way to leave a strong impression on your friends, and guests once they come over for a party. Neon signs, are indeed, the highlight that gets into people’s head, and stay rent-free there for some time.


Pink PLEASE DON’T DO COKE IN THE BATHROOM light makes the bathroom pop like never before

Statement-making neon decor for home bar

Looking to make a statement with neon lights? Well, that’s what these signs do. Customize a neon sign displaying your name, and hang it in the home bar, living room or above the fireplace.


This way, you can personalize your home decor, like no one before and also enjoy the magical ambiance that neon brings to your home, while chatting casually with loved ones, or friends. What a way to spend life, huh?


Name neon sign to make real statements at home


Name neon sign to make real statements at home



Name neon sign to make real statements at home and add color pops


This must be the place neon light 

It feels peaceful and content when you find a place to call home. A place where you can connect deeply, make great memories, and have a sense of belonging. If you ever feel this attachment to your home, I recommend light up that corner, and let the whole world know this is the place. “This must be the place” neon signs are a popular decorative item, often used to add a fun and playful touch to a room.

Pink This must be the place neon light on ton-sur-ton wall


Brighten up the fireplace with custom neon sign

Own a fireplace in your living room? Sometimes, staring into nothingness is all fun, and games, but now let’s change the game. Let’s admire the beauty of a custom neon sign, while cozying up in that warm space in your home.


Customize a name neon sign, like the picture below, and hang them above the fireplace. Not only will this new addition enlighten, but also enhance a sense of home, and ownership in the place. Such a cool way to make a statement, and own a meaningful neon light decor!


Perez lit up in blue neon hung over the fireplace. This is when artificial and natural lights harmonize


Custom neon sign quotes for you

Last but not least, a custom neon sign that is designed just for you. You have a quote, or a name that you want to pop in colorful neon light, and then hang somewhere in the house, or shop just to light up, admire it, leave it there, and impress guests when they come over. Come to us! We work with you through the process, and make the neon sign for you exactly how you envision it in your mind.


We look forward to lighting a smile on your face, like one of our content customers below, on your neon light project.


Custom neon sign perfect for make a statement in the kitchen


All in all, these are our top picks in gorgeous, and inspiring custom neon sign quotes that are designed for home decor. Visit Zanvis Neon, and browse through our best work. Top provider of neon sign in the field, with strong craftsmanship and professionalism will never disappoint you.