Giving your Home the Celebrity Treatment

Have you decided to incorporate some home design ideas to mock celebrity homes and improve your space this year?


House renovation contractors in Freehold, NJ can take your ideas and make them a reality.


Before you hire a designer home renovation contractor in Freehold, NJ, here are some ideas to elevate your style and add space-saving touches to your home.



Celebrity kitchens


One of the biggest names in restaurants, Wolfgang Puck, comes home to a kitchen decked out in marble countertops, wine racks built into his island, and cabinet doors and drawers with glass fronts.


Bobby Flay, a famous TV chef, actually has two kitchens — one inside and one outside.


His outside kitchen boasts a wood-burning stove.


Inside the house, he has two ovens, a ten burner stove, a café and farm table.


For a more classic feel, you can follow Julia Child’s ideas and add a pegboard to your wall for pot and pan storage, add some wallpaper and light green cabinets.



Rooms to add fun and flair


Perhaps you want to have dedicated entertaining rooms.


If you have a basement, you are already halfway there to achieving your entertainment dreams.


Some great rooms to add to make your home the best place for a party include a theater room or game room.


You can include a bar area in the game room to up the flair and fun.


For the theater, you can add curtains and recessed LED lights on the ceiling to look fancier — just add fancy recliners and tada, movie night like the stars.


A bowling alley or basketball court inside can also become your new hang out zone.


With these astonishing rooms added, all you need is your group of friends or family to enjoy them with, and you’re set to go.



Finding the Best Contractor


Always do your research to find a great contractor.


Ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they know someone.


Look online to see what reviews the company has, and look at pictures of their previous jobs.


Ensure they have the proper licenses and certifications.


Talk to several contractors.


Discuss your ideas, get an estimate on price, and an approximate time your remodel will take.


Watch out and be aware that a really low price can mean the company cuts corners or uses cheap materials which will not last long.


A high price quote can indicate price gouging.


To protect yourself from getting an unexpected bill, ask them about their insurance and warranties.

To give your kitchen that celebrity chef flair, install a pegboard for pan storage on the wall or have a ten-burner stove installed.

Adding a game or theater room can improve the feel of your home, give you a dedicated fun spot, and up your entertaining game.


A designer home renovation contractor in Freehold, NJ can take all your ideas and turn them into the home of your dreams.


Contact house renovation contractors in Freehold NJ today to make your home become the coolest and most luxurious place to gather for holidays and house parties.