Five Reasons to Swap Your Cosmetics with Organic Skincare

Today, people are becoming increasingly aware of the negative side effects of using chemical-based products for personal care and hygiene. From cosmetic products leading to skin infections to prolonged use of chemical ointments causing severe dermatological diseases, there’s no limit to the damage that traditional beauty products can cause.

This decade has started with more focus on raw, natural beauty than the over-made, defined, and filtered beauty standards of the early 21st century. Today, people prefer to boast their natural hair, skin texture, and features, and even high fashion has followed suit. Even brides today opt for minimal makeup looks so they can bask in the glow of their natural beauty.

Organic Skincare

One industry that has seen great growth due to this change in mindset is the organic skincare industry. What initially started with the Korean skincare revolution has grown to take over the entire world. More and more companies today are offering organic skincare products and establishing a place for themselves in the market. However, the main hub remains Asia, the land which has long been known for its organic remedies, treatments, and beauty secrets.

In fact, in Asian countries such as Singapore, the organic skincare market has a projected growth of 1.11% from 2023-2027. Furthermore, the revenue in 2023 for natural products (in Singapore) amounts to a whopping $19.22m – yes, we’re talking about the US dollar!  These numbers show how much the Singaporean market has benefitted from the all-natural trend and how much people trust these products. From daily facial oils to natural soap Singapore has some of the largest consumer brands for organic skincare, such as Rough Beauty, which offers organic products with sustainable practices. So make sure to do your research by reading up on the company online and checking that the product lists all organic ingredients and natural/botanical additives!

Benefits of Organic Skincare

Replacing your regular cosmetics and skincare regime with organic products has many benefits. However, if you need convincing, we’ve put together a list of reasons you need to make the switch!

1. Quality Products

Most cosmetic and skincare brands use mass production methods where the products are made by automated factories, focusing on cost-effectiveness as much as possible. This leaves scarce room for quality, as little to no attention is given to individual products. However, when it comes to organic skincare brands, the products are usually handmade, with each item being made with extra care to ensure the best quality. Therefore, you can be sure that the bar of organic soap or bottle of natural moisturizer in your hand has been formulated and packed with extra care and attention to provide you with the best product.


2. All Natural Ingredients

Cosmetics and skincare are big on chemicals and include plenty of things in their composition that is extremely harmful to the skin in the long run. The biggest advantage that organic brands have over others is that they don’t use any artificial or chemical ingredients in their products. This means you don’t have to use harmful additives and chemicals on your skin. Organic products use natural ingredients for everything, including fragrances. With all-natural ingredients and additives, you can reap all the benefits of using a fantastic skincare product without having to deal with any negative side effects. Of course, organic products have a shorter shelf life without chemical preservatives. However, once you experience the benefits of using natural skin care products, you’ll willingly head out to buy another bottle or bar!


3. Sustainable Approach

For big-brand consumer organizations, the bottom line is the most important thing; hence, sustainability and environmental protection tend to take a backseat. Normal cosmetics use a range of petroleum-based ingredients that harm the natural biodiversity and ecosystem of the areas they are procured from. Hence, the money you use to buy that drugstore lipstick and high-end mascara may have damaged the environment. With organic skincare, sustainability is a core value. Many organic brands offer safe and natural products, biodegradable packaging, recyclable bottles, and even refilling options. Hence, by opting for organic products, you can play your part in saving the environment.


4. Low Risk of Allergies

Often when we buy cosmetic or skincare products, the label warns that the product may cause reactions and should be tested on a small patch of skin first. These products contain many chemicals, which can trigger allergies or cause various negative reactions on the skin. Unfortunately, there is no test or standard to check which product will suit your skin except the trial and error method. Organic skincare products make the ingredient list transparently available for all to see and contain simple, natural ingredients. Hence, if, for instance, you’re allergic to strawberries, you can easily check if the product contains strawberries in any form before buying it. This way, you can reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the risk of having a reaction to a skincare product!


5. Better & Effective Results

It might come as a surprise, but it is proven that natural products are much more effective for skin care and anti-aging than synthetic, chemical products. In fact, did you know that many famous cosmetic and skin care products are developed to mimic the effects of natural ingredients? For instance, aloe vera prevents wrinkles and improves skin texture, while argan oil contains high quantities of Vitamin E, which heals damaged skin and hair. Organic skincare products can extract the beneficial qualities from these ingredients to create a product that is good for your skin without any side effects caused by chemicals or preservatives. Hence, the overall result is much better and more effective than that of synthetic products.


Organic skincare products trump synthetic products in every aspect that matters. From results and side effects to promoting sustainability, organic products are the clear choice for everyone. Additionally, as small privately-owned companies, organic skincare brands also play a very positive role in their communities by supporting local farmers and sourcing ingredients through them.

So using organic skincare brands will work wonders for your skin and help you protect the environment and support the local communities. We don’t know about you, but for us, this is more than enough reason to make the switch! We promise you once you try that bar of organic handmade soap, you’ll never go back to your previous synthetic soap bar!