8 Tips From South Asian Women for Maintaining Your Brows

Photo by Алекке Блажин: https://www.pexels.com

It seems like the “clean beauty” trend that originated from South Asian beauty standards is not going to fade in a longer perspective. And that’s great! Clean beauty advocates for natural looks and celebration of your own facial features without distorting them much-using makeup.

One of the most significant features that the trend focuses on is the health and beauty of the brows. Of course, everyone has their own facial structure and brow shape, but who says you can take your looks to a new level just by taking advanced care of your brows?

We’ve gathered the best eight brow care tips originating from South Asian women ‒ read on to reach your perfect brow goals.

Put brow health first

Brows are sometimes neglected in discussions about preserving the health of our hair and face. But because they are such a distinguishing feature, your eyebrows are equally as crucial as the other significant areas of your face.

Hair health is also a component of brow health. Maintain their grooming, and pay attention to your level of confidence. South Asian ladies follow a regimen since they frequently have pronounced brows.

Additionally, educate yourself on the brow goals you want to attain and how your brows define the shape of your entire face. Make a detailed plan with the style you want to achieve, whether you’re trying for narrower arches or a thicker appearance.

Establishing brow goals will enable you to make the most of what you already have from mother nature and create a shape that perfectly suits your face. This also implies that your brows can be altered to emphasize your greatest features and even remove years of age from your face.

Embrace patience

Although it can be challenging, patience is crucial for brow growth. If you want more prominent brows or a more defined form, it will take between three and six months to notice a change. It takes time, just like any physical change or development of hair.

It’s essential to accept your eyebrows at all stages because they’re constantly growing and changing. Although you can get henna or permanent eyebrow makeup, threading enables you to adjust the appearance of your brows over time. Being patient will let you experiment with many appearances rather than sticking to one all the time.

In the long term, it will be beneficial to take the time to appreciate your brows. It’s always preferable to let your eyebrows grow out under the supervision and direction of a skilled eyebrow stylist.

If you want to have perfect brows, you really should edit your cosmetics arsenal as well. Avoid using harmful brow treatments with the wax base if you want your brows to fill in since they can irritate new, delicate growth when you apply and remove them. While your brows are still developing, you are still welcome to schedule threading treatments. The brow artist will just leave some space and design the area around which you are attempting to develop.

Try Threading

The Middle East and South Asia are the origins of threading. It is the original method of epilation and is precise because it can target specific hairs, enabling careful shaping with long-lasting effects. Though this technique has ancient cultural roots, threading is now more generally accessible and comes as a substitute for waxing or tweezing.

You may adjust the pace according to how much discomfort you can tolerate and how quickly you feel comfortable going. Since only individual hairs are being removed rather than entire strips of hair at once, you have the option to stop at any time.

Threading is considerably milder and may help you obtain defined, precise lines thanks to its numerous advantages. Overall, threading is a healthier alternative that is a natural procedure and has less potential to cause severe skin irritation.

Schedule your next appointment in advance

Regular appointments help you to maximize your natural form, stimulate steady hair development, and prevent skin irritation. Only pluck hair from directly above your eye socket if you can’t resist the urge to tweeze. You never tell which hair will carry the secret to your new form, so avoid shaving the area around your brows.

Take a photo of your brows immediately following a visit to use as a reference point. You may also use a pencil to overfill your brows and then contour around the form you’ve created.

Use plant-based brow care products

You can use hair growth oils and balms in your everyday regimen if you’re between sessions and want to accelerate development. The secret is to simply allow the eyebrow hair to grow out completely while using balms and oils to speed up the process.

It’s a good idea to visit a specialist if you’re unsure about the things to purchase. For help with your brows, talk to estheticians and eyebrow threading specialists in your area.

It would be beneficial if you took caution after having your brows threaded. When there is any redness, eyebrow artists often prefer natural solutions rather than using thick lotions and harsh chemicals. Balms made with plant extracts are the best option.

Use brow gel for a richer effect

For your brows, playing around with cosmetics is enjoyable and highly recommended. When you have less hair, products like colored brow gels give you a fuller look. Use brow powder if you happen to have a lot of hair. Nevertheless, for a more natural appearance, seek products derived from plants and gels with fiber components.

Choose aestheticians who use gentle approaches

It’s critical to conduct some research before trusting someone else with the care of your eyebrows. Whether you’re being waxed, threaded, microbladed, or given another brow procedure, you should check that the aesthetician provides proven, safe techniques before you visit the salon.

Years of experience are needed to become competent at threading and understanding where and how to apply pressure. Since conventional sewing thread may hurt your skin, most professional threaders utilize delicate, antiseptic, and antibacterial threads like polyester.

An eyebrow artist’s connection with their clients is trustworthy and precious, just as with any other beauty service. Keep in mind to communicate your eyebrow goals to your artist clearly and loudly.

When the shape of your brows begins to deteriorate, that’s when you’ll be set for your next session

With eyebrows, less is more. Even while it might be tempting to visit the salon whenever you want, doing so too frequently might have unintended consequences.

At the beginning of the millennium, going every two to three weeks was typical since it was the style, but thicker brows are healthier and less problematic outside of the salon.

Pay close attention to the eyebrows if you have no clue when to visit the salon at all. When the extra hair that was removed starts to come back above the skin’s surface and your brows start to lose their shape, it’s a positive sign that it’s time for your next session.