10 Best Watches for Men in Every Style and Budget

How refreshing is it to glance at your wrist to see the time in a world where people use their phones for everything? The best watches for men are more than just accessories, they also give off that vintage vibe and look great doing it. Watches for men have been associated with status and performance ever since they first appeared on our wrists more than a century ago. Now, they are one of the most time-honored ways to enhance any outfit and show off your personal style.

But there are so many different styles to choose from, from sporty smart watches to elegant gold ones, that it can be hard to find the watch you’ll want to wear all day.

What are the best watches for men currently available? Naturally, responses will vary greatly depending on personal preferences, practical requirements, and budgets, just as they do when listing the “best” cars, wines, cookware, or mobile devices. Whether you prefer tougher, stylish-yet-practical watches that you can wear to the beach or the racetrack, or even if you’re someone looking to fly your tech-nerd flag on your wrist, elegant and dressy timepieces will impress your coworkers in the boardroom.

Our team at MerrJep.com created a list of the 10 best watches for men that are stylish and fits everyone’s budget.

Casio Duro – ora per meshkuj

Casio’s well-liked quartz-powered diver, the Casio Duro, serves as the flag bearer. This really is a risk-free bet because it has an MSRP of well under $100 and is frequently sold for under $50. It has a water resistance of 200 meters, surprising good bezel action, and classic looks that remind you of spaceship icons.

Black Dial NATO Strap for the Bulova Lunar Pilot  – audi a4

The Bulova chronograph worn by American astronaut Dave Scott on the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission is the inspiration for Sapphire The Bulova Lunar Pilot. The new Lunar Pilot looks just like the original, with the same curved case and distinctive elongated pushers. Except for the addition of a date window at 4:30 and the label “262 kHz” at 6 o’clock within the running seconds subdial, the dial is largely identical. Although Bulova’s high-performance quartz movement buzzes away at 262Hz, which is 8 times the frequency of typical quartz movements, and has an accuracy of +/-5 seconds per month, some enthusiasts will turn their noses up at this piece because it has a quartz movement.

G-SHOCK GA-2100 –  merr jep banesa

If you ask most watch collectors which beater watch they have in their collection, most will point you in the direction of a G-SHOCK. The GA-2100, dubbed the “CasiOak” because of its octagonal case shape that looks like AP Royal Oak, is one of the brand’s most popular designs. The affordable item significantly raises the style quotient while maintaining all of the ruggedness and functionality you would expect from a G-SHOCK.

Swatch X Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch

The announcement that Omega had teamed up with Swatch to produce a £207 plastic version of its £5,000 Speedmaster “Moonwatch” was one of the year’s marketing events. It prompted coverage in the national press, 6 a.m. queues around the block, and resale listings that exceeded the price of the model it was based on. However, considering that a person was reportedly stabbed to death outside of a Swatch store in New York, perhaps not all publicity was favorable. Given the amount of attention generated by these high-low collaborations, anticipate more from other watch manufacturers. However, very few will have a name that is as appealingly pre-made as “MoonSwatch.”

Timex GMT Q 

The first Q Timex was released in the late 1970s, and by the middle of the 1980s, it had reached its height of popularity. When it was reissued in 2019, its two-tone, bidirectional “Pepsi” bezel brought it back into fashion and turned it into a best-seller once more. It was a terrific second “beater” watch for some people and a great first watch for others because of its reasonable price. There is now a GMT version that adds several design upgrades, including attached circular hour markers and a straightforward square date display, for a price that is hardly extravagant at £200.


In the twenty-first century, it is a maximalist company. The design director, Alessandro Michele, likes everything from crockery to pussybow shirts to powder-pop furs. Observe as well. There are hundreds of intriguing designs on the market right now, and Gucci’s 25H sports model is just one of them. Its precise execution has cemented the company’s status as a leader in high-end watchmaking.

Tissot PRX Chrono – PRX Chronograph Blue

This year, the Tissot PRX Chrono joined the PRX line of watches, which first appeared in 2021. It is slightly larger than the standard PRX, measuring 42 millimeters, and the case and bracelet finish are truly impressive for the price. The watch is a great option for this price range because it features a Swiss Valjoux automatic caliber, a major Swiss brand, behind the charming panda dial.


Seiko surprised the market by introducing this sporty GMT, which is certain to be the watch of the summer this year. This bargain-priced automatic GMT takes intentional stylistic cues from the iconic (and now discontinued) SKX diver. It is available in three perfectly matched colorways, each with a cyclops date window, a bi-color bezel, and a Jubilee bracelet.

The Breitling Premier B01 

Combines a set of sleek rectangular chronograph pushers with a classic bi-compax dial layout in a revival of an elegant gents’ model first introduced in 1943 by founding-family scion Willy Breitling. There are grooves on the sides of the case as part of the Premier’s collection of elegant, period-appropriate design details. The column-wheel-chronograph B01 caliber is displayed on the sapphire caseback.


Longines’ pitch-perfect GMT version of its ever-expanding and increasingly popular Spirit line of pilot’s watches is one of the best releases of the year by any watch brand. The watch accomplishes nearly all of our expectations for a travel watch. Local hour hand with independent adjustment? Check. Design that is original and appealing? Check. Date placement that is symmetrical, water resistance suitable for vacation, and COSC certification? Make a series of checks. This is just ridiculously good, and Longines has been on a roll lately.

These are only a few of the choices that we considered to be on our list because one of the most common misunderstandings about buying a watch is that it must be expensive to be nice. However, many watches that cost less than $1,000 show that this is not the case.