The 4 Best Websites to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

Buying Instagram followers is a strategy widely used by anyone who wants to quickly grow their Instagram profile in a safe and organic way by buying with the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Even though it is a widely used strategy, it is a strategy that requires a lot of attention and care as there are several scam companies that do not deliver quality service and harm your account.

So that you don’t fall into scams when buying followers for your Instagram account, we tested some companies and selected 4 safe sites for you to buy followers on Instagram.

What are the 4 best sites to buy Instagram followers?

  • BuyIGFollowersMalaysia.Com is one of the pioneering sites in Malaysia, operating with the service of buying cheap followers on Instagram for over 6 years, and other services aimed at digital marketing for over 10 years.

  • SingaporeFollowers.Com

Working with the sale of 100% real and Singapore followers, buy Instagram followers Singapore has also led the market in this segment, guaranteeing the delivery of a real service to thousands of customers on the site.

  • SmmStore.Ca

With the main objective of giving your Instagram a real up, boosting growth through real followers, SmmStore has been standing out and is already among the best rated sites to buy Instagram followers Canada.

  • BuyGreeceFollowers.Com

As the name suggests, Buy Greece Followers works with exclusive packages of totally real followers with Greece nationality at exclusive prices that fit in your pocket.

What is the best website to buy Instagram followers?

The best site to buy followers is SmmStore.Ca because, in addition to being a reference in the market and the oldest in the field of digital marketing, it is also the safest and most complete site to buy likes on Instagram.

SmmStore also has a better customer service system.

All the sites we have listed in this article are safe and excellent for buying followers, but without a doubt the safest and most complete is SmmStore.Ca as it has several security methods such as issuing a note.

The site has a totally exclusive and innovative platform that brings accessibility and the most affordable prices on the market to its customers, with the most varied packages for you to choose from.

If you want to buy a number of followers that is not in the pack likes menu, just contact the support and service team to check the availability of the number of followers you want to buy.

How to buy cheap followers – step by step

To buy followers safely, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to follow and be able to buy real and cheap followers on Instagram.

Step 1:

Choose one of the sites listed below:

  • BuyIGFollowersMalaysia.Com 
  • SingaporeFollowers.Com
  • SmmStore.Ca
  • BuyGreeceFollowers.Com

Step 2:

Access the portal of the site chosen by you and after that look for the service to buy followers

Step 3: 

Select one of the packages offered by the site, according to your current need and click on the “buy” option to continue.

Step 4:

Fill in the two important pieces of information to continue your purchase process: your username and a contact email.

Step 5: 

Among the payment methods, choose which one is best for you and continue the purchase process

Step 6:

After making the payment, which can be done via PayPal or Card, wait for it to be approved.

Step 7:

Now that the payment has been approved, wait for the service to be automatically delivered to your profile.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy Instagram followers from trusted sites that offer the real service without applying scams with fake followers.

Not all sites that sell followers for Instagram are safe; many of them are sites that apply scams delivering fake followers that harm engagement, so we brought safe sites in this article, which deliver real followers.

Only buying real followers are safe and promote growth on Instagram, buying fake followers are extremely harmful for your profile as they violate Instagram rules and guidelines

That is why it is recommended to buy real followers, as it cannot be considered a crime because they are real profiles, on the contrary, Instagram likes the interaction of real profiles and through its algorithm, it engages the profile of people with a large amount of followers.

Where to buy cheap Instagram followers?

To buy cheap followers on Instagram, it is necessary to carefully select the site from which you will request this service, and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the site must deliver real followers.

That’s exactly why we carried out a test with the top 18 websites to buy cheap followers on Instagram in a simple and above all safe way, without causing damage to your profile, but promoting benefits.

However, to buy cheap followers on Instagram, just scroll to the beginning of this article and choose one of the top 5 sites to buy cheap followers on Instagram, and follow the step by step as taught in this article.

How much does 1000 Instagram followers cost?

The price varies according to the site you choose, for example, on the sites we list the price tends to be the same for all packages, as they have the lowest prices compatible with the market.

On almost all sites, by choosing the 1000 Instagram followers package, you can buy it for just $14.99, a totally affordable price compared to other sites that offer this service.

This value per 1000 followers is the lowest value we found on sites that offer this service, there are other sites that offer lower prices than this one, but it is not reliable and the followers are fake.