Winter Skincare Essentials – What your Skin Needs to Survive the Cold Dry Weather

Ladies, you have done your winter shopping, right? And the situation becomes more sensitive if its winter. Suppose you have bought awesome western dresses or even eastern outfits, aka Indian dresses or Pakistani branded clothes. You have shopped nice shoes with fantastic jewellery. But wait, what about your skin beauty, huh? We are talking about winter skincare essentials, of course.


Moisturizer isn’t the only thing you need to tackle the harsh, dry winds of the chilly season. As winter progresses, skin becomes flaky and all humidity is stripped away from it. Long hot showers and sitting by the fire may feel nice, but the extreme heat takes all the oils and water away from the skin. While moisturizer helps, but for long-lasting effects and to prevent severe skin damage some precautions have to be taken. We have listed some easy winter skincare essentials you can include in your daily routine:


1) Invest in a Hydrating Cleanser


Dust and smoke clog our pores and a regular cleanser wash can save us from unwanted spots and acne. Although efficient to remove trapped particles in the skin, cleansers can leave the skin feeling dry. Use a hydrating cleanser to deep clean the pores all the while keeping the face fresh and hydrated.

2) Don’t Forget your Toner


Always use a toner after cleansing, scrubbing, or exfoliating, it returns the skin’s pH to its optimum value. Shrinking the pores, the toner keeps the dirt out and the moisture locked in.


3) Use a Moisturizer


If you have dry skin, use petroleum-based gels or body lotions for extra effect. Apply lotion at night for maximum absorption, and don’t forget the hands and feet. For mens silk robe, a light moisturizer will work just fine.


4) Serum for the Win


If your skin routine doesn’t have a serum, add one asap, opt for a serum having hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It helps protect from the harmful rays of the sun, slows down the aging process, reduces puffiness, and brightens the skin.

Also, add a Vitamin C serum to the mix, it helps with collagen production and prevents hyperpigmentation.

5) Masks are your Best Friend

Once or twice a week add a mask to your skincare, they are a perfect solution for dull skin. It can remove spottiness and patchiness and serve as a soothing relaxation after a hard day. Masks can leave the skin dry, select a hydrating mask for the winter skin. For an added bonus, utilize one infused with essential oils.

6) Sunscreen is also a Winter Essential


Many people skip their SPF thinking the winter sun won’t harm their skin. It is a common misconception; our skin needs protection from UV rays even in the depths of winter. An SPF of 60 is recommended for ideal protection (for summers more than 90 is suitable).


7) Lock in your Natural Oil and Moisture


Avoid sitting in front of heating and circumvent taking long hot showers, after your shower immediately pats the skin dry and apply moisturizer to the entire body.

8) Preserve your Lips


In the extreme cold, lips losing their moisture can start cracking and can tear up causing pain. Apply a generous amount of lip balm with SPF 30, or you can also use Vaseline.


Extra Tips For Winter Skincare Essentials


1) A humidifier is a good gadget to add moisture to your home and ultimately your skin

2) Be mindful of the products you use especially if you are suffering from an allergy or a skin condition like psoriasis. Consult your doctor on what ingredients you should avoid.


3) Avoid the use of scented soaps, you can alternate them with body washes and cleansers, or smooth non-scented soaps.


4) To avoid redness and flakiness, cover your nose and cheeks with good layering preferably with wool or soft material.


5) If your skin starts acting up or reacting to cold, immediately contact a dermatologist. Medicated cleansers and moisturizers recommended by the doctor can help you with problems like eczema, rashes, and acne.


6) Good nutrition can massively improve skin health. Eat foods rich in beta-carotene for smooth, regenerated skin.


Closing Thoughts


Keeping your skin healthy and in good condition not only brighten it up, but also saves it from skin cancer, acne, skin damage, aging, and other processes. It is not a hobby but a necessity, follow the above-mentioned steps for glowing, bright skin amid the brutally cold weather.