Push-Up Bra vs. Breast Augmentation: Pros and Cons Explained

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Every woman has thought about enhancing the look of their breasts, whether it be temporary or permanent. Women have added makeup to their breasts and cleavage, donned corsets, put on push-up bras, and even sought breast augmentation. Of course all of these methods have the ability to change the way breasts look, but let’s focus on the two most popular breast transformation techniques, the push-up bra and breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

For those who prefer a more permanent breast enhancement, a breast augmentation just might be the best option for them. Breast augmentations include implants, lifts and reductions. And each comes with its risks and advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with having breast augmentation Salt Lake City. Breast augmentation is a more permanent solution that will change the shape, size and look of your breasts with surgery. This means that your breasts will be the same whether or not you have on clothing. Because implants are a major surgery, there will be some downtime required for your recovery. This will mean time off from work and possibly even requiring some help at home for a couple of days. Augmentation is expensive when compared to push-up bras. Another disadvantage of having the procedure done is scarring and scar tissue. Your surgeon’s skill level as well as the way your body heals will determine how much scarring you experience.

Push-Up Bras

If you’re looking for a temporary solution that gives you the look you’re going for without any commitment or a hefty price tag, then a push-up bra is a great option for you. It’s interesting that the best thing about a push-up bra is also the worst thing about it. The enhancement only lasts as long as you’re wearing it. Once your clothing comes off, you’re back to your normal look. But pushup bras can make you instantly appear up to a full cup size bigger without pain or surgery, and they come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Risk Factors

Both of these options come with their own risks that should be assessed. Prolonged and continued use of pushup bras can cause neck pain because they place extra strain on the muscles in the shoulder area. Wearing one of these bras to sleep can also be problematic by reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches the chest and upper back. Pushup bras can also slow down or prevent the lymph nodes that are located near the armpit from properly circulating lymphatic fluid. Your surgeon will discuss the risk factors of breast augmentation with you and you should feel free to ask any questions you have. Some of the risks include adverse effects from anesthesia, changes in nipple sensation, hematoma, infection and implant rupture.

Regardless of what method you choose to enhance your breasts, you’re going to look great as long as you’re comfortable with your look. If you’re leaning more towards a more permanent solution like breast implants, it may be helpful to try it out first. You’ll want to consider the extra weight you’ll be carrying, seeing how they work with your wardrobe and more. Consider your quality of life when making this decision and talk to other people who have been where you are.