How To Design And Print Sticker Labels With Thermal Printer

Custom stickers are stickers that are made according to the specifications of an individual or a group. They are made to serve specific purposes such as promotion, brand identity, and marketing. Custom stickers are a vital part of any business because they help to create a positive image for the company. 

Stickers are versatile marketing tools with numerous applications. They can be placed on products, packaging, flyers, and billboards. They can also be given away as freebies at trade shows and events. MUNBYN offers various sticker labels that you can customize for printing.

Designing and printing your own custom stickers is now easier than ever with Canva’s easy-to-use online sticker maker and thermal printer. With the Canva design tool, you can customize your stickers to include your own images, text, and colors, and then save and download your design for easy printing.

Here’s how to get started

Start by launching Canva. For simple designs, you can try Canva’s free online edition. However, when creating stickers, we recommend utilizing Canva’s pro version. Compared to the default website, it provides more capabilities, such as licensing and complete access to designs, fonts, and other design components.

Choose a pre-designed template

First, select the size and shape of your sticker from the options available. For example, you can choose rectangular stickers or circle stickers. You can start with a blank sticker or with a favorite template. Selecting a template is the fast and easy way to design your desired custom sticker. Once you’ve chosen a pre-designed template, you can start customizing it with your own images and text. Canva has a library of millions of royalty-free photos and illustrations, so finding the perfect image for your sticker is easy.

Make sure your design is unique

To make your design unique, open the ‘Elements’ tab on the right for a large variety of appealing images as well as basic shapes and lines. If none of the visuals appeal to you, you may make your own by combining basic lines and shapes.

Canva lets you create QR codes, add photos, and add creative borders to the edge of your sticker template. Include creative graphics, components, and images from Canva’s library to make your design stand out.

Download the final design

After you’ve finished designing your sticker, download it and save it to your computer. You’re only one step away from seeing your sticker come to life.

Now it’s time to print the stickers

Thermal label printers are great for printing custom stickers. MUNBYN offers a wide range of high-quality printers to quickly print clear, personalized labels. They’re fast, reliable, and produce high-quality prints. Plus, they’re relatively easy to use. Here’s a quick guide on how to print your custom stickers using MUNBYN thermal label printer.

Once you’ve chosen your dimension and resolution, click the ‘Download’ button in the Canva editor’s top right corner. You can download your design as a JPEG file from there. If you choose PDF, check the ‘High Quality’ box to ensure your design prints properly. You’re ready to print now that you have your design file.

Keep the following things in mind before printing the stickers

First, start by choosing the right paper. Thermal label printers work best with thermal transfer paper. This paper is specifically designed for use with thermal label printers and ensures that your labels will print correctly. 

MUNBYN has its own wide range of high-quality labels for consumers to make their items stand out in the store. You can get rainbow scalloped, star, pet paw, Christmas tree, bunny, egg, and heart-shaped labels for next-level product packaging.

Secondly, it’s essential to have the right settings. When printing your custom stickers, be sure to choose the correct settings on your printer. Thermal label printers typically have specific settings that must be selected to produce the best possible prints.

Before printing your entire order of custom stickers, it’s always a good idea to print a single label first. This will help you ensure that your labels are printing correctly and that everything is working properly. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your labels are printing correctly, you can go ahead and print your entire order. MUNBYN thermal label printers are typically high-speed, so you’ll be able to print a large number of labels in a short amount of time. That’s all there is to it! Following these simple steps you can easily print custom stickers using a thermal label printer.