How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo for You

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To choose a perfect tattoo for yourself, you have to look at why you want the tattoo, what kind of personality you have, and what the ideal place and size would be.

It doesn’t just end there. A lot of consideration goes into finally coming up with a tattoo idea that’ll satisfy your dream of becoming a canvas. 

Let’s discuss how to make your tattoo a reality. Here is a list of things you must do to choose the perfect tattoo for yourself.

Ask A Tattoo Artist For Advice

You can always ask the professionals when you can’t think for yourself. Tattoo artists can help come up with a design by teaming up with you. 

You can talk to them at length about what’s important to you, and they will later give you some tattoo designs based on what you told them.

It is best to inform the tattoo artist of your preferred tattoo size, placement, and color beforehand so they can plan accordingly.

If you get a bern tattoo, you can depend on the artist to guide you and offer you a unique design.

Go For Symbolic Tattoos

There’s hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t have a favorite song. Most people decide to get their favorite lyrics tattooed on their skin.

Text Isn’t limited to songs; it could be a poem or a line from your favorite book. It could even be a phrase that your elders or close relatives passed down to you.

Some people prefer their loved one’s heartbeat tattooed on their sleeve, whereas others prefer getting matching tattoos of half hearts and the sun and moon.

A tattoo could signify an important date or an achievement you’ve fulfilled. It could even be a reminder of a memory you never want to forget. 

Don’t Always Look For Meaning

We know everyone always tells you that tattoos should have a meaning, and you’ll regret tattoos that mean nothing. This is only true sometimes.

Your body is your canvas, and if you let other people’s opinions on it persuade you, that’ll be a thing to regret later on.

Your tattoo only sometimes needs a deeper meaning that moves people. Other times tattoos are for fun and should be looked at as such.

You can take the inspiration for your tattoo from a bad meme or a comic strip or get an animal you like.

Do The Research

It’s always safe to keep your options open. Here are places where you can do research or look for inspiration.

  1.   Visit tattoo shops: Tattoo studios usually have catalogs and binders with hundreds of tattoos the artist has previously made or is capable of creating.
  2.   Look for designs online: Image online can help you seek your aesthetic in tattoo ideas and things that match it. It’s also easy to categorize images by body parts.
  3.   Think About What You Love: It could be a song, a piece of literature, or a movie reference. Once you know what’ll genuinely make you happy, you can work out ideas around it.

 Look for inspiration outside but don’t limit yourself to it. If you want a completely new design go for it after consulting with your artist.

Decide On The Color

Yes, this is a thing most people forget to think about when deciding on a tattoo. It is not until after they’re at the tattoo studio that they’re reminded of color options.

  •     Black: If you’re after a classic tattoo design, go for black. It is also ideal for small structures such as stars.
  •     Gray: Want something a little subdued and nothing over the top? Try out gray.
  •     White: If you want to go outlandish, white is an attractive color choice for tattoos. It looks outstanding on darker skin tones.
  •     Multicolor: Want to go bold and express yourself through your body? A multi-color tattoo can help you.

Be sure to tell your tattoo artist precisely what color you want. For example, don’t say pink if you mean hot pink.


You don’t only need to think about the designs when you want a tattoo. Other important things that will determine how your tattoo looks and how it ages are size, placement, and color. All these things depend on what level of detail you’d like and your skin tone. It’s best to discuss all this with a tattoo artist for accurate advice.