Cloud VoIP Services: Business Phone Systems For Remote Teams

As the world evolves with traditional office workers working more as remote teams, businesses need reliable communication systems for effective operations. Businesses and organisations have evolving communication needs. Modern commercial communication systems are used for simple phone calls, video conferencing, email systems, and so on.

Fortunately, technology has continued to advance. This makes it possible for communication hardware manufacturers to transition into producing business intelligent technologies for communication. One such technology is cloud VoIP services.

With cloud VoIP services, many businesses are abandoning their traditional landlines. The more innovative and efficient VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) services have the right features to meet the growing communication needs of a business. Businesses with many remote teams or multiple sites or offices need a reliable phone system to integrate their communication systems.

With cloud VoIP services, businesses can reduce costs, enhance remote collaboration (among various teams or sites or offices), and boost team efficiency by integrating with various other software applications.

Cloud VoIP services: What does this mean?

A cloud VoIP system is also known as a hosted VoIP phone service. It is suitable for businesses and helps to route phone calls using the internet. This means that your phone services are hosted in the cloud rather than on a local server. It is also different from and superior to traditional telephone solutions.

A hosted VoIP is more suitable for businesses because it features advanced phone call systems. A typical hosted VoIP system feature advanced features such as long-distance/local calling, video conferencing, call recording, auto attendant, and many more.

Cloud VoIP services: How do they work?

A hosted VoIP telephone service works by managing your business’s phone calls within the network of a third-party service provider. If your business telephone system is hosted in the cloud, you can easily expand your communication options for smoother and streamlined workflows. You will be able to add new phone users instantly, you can rapidly change your telephone services, and be able to take phone calls from any location.

Cloud phone services are suitable for small businesses. Configured for small businesses, they are made to work a certain way. The following steps show how they work:

  1. The VoIP phone (voice-over-internet-protocol phone system) receives the call audio from the phone calls. It then converts this call into tiny data packets.
  2. This data is sent by way of the internet. What makes it efficient and unique is that it does not need the physical copper wires of traditional telephone lines. However, legacy traditional phone lines need wires to transmit calls.
  3. Cloud VoIP services make use of a business’s existing internet connection. This way, it helps to reduce the costs and possible outages of the business telephone system of an organisation.
  4. A remote team will be able to take the business telecommunications software along with them. This means that they can go anywhere with their communications system even with WiFi.

Why your business needs cloud VoIP services

Cloud VoIP services utilise a technological backbone that allows business executives and teams to work from anywhere. This is the best phone option for anybody looking to work remotely. Since it is a cloud-hosted service, it does not restrict you to your office. This VoIP phone system is a great way to increase the digital phone call footprint of your business. Any business can migrate its phone systems to the cloud. With a hosted VoIP phone system, businesses can now stay connected with their remote teams.

Benefits of cloud VoIP services

Cloud VoIP services for businesses lead to a wide range of benefits and efficiencies for a business communication system. The following are the primary benefits of cloud VoIP systems. These are:

  1. Cloud VoIP systems are super cost-effective. They do not need any hardware costs or additional setups.
  2. It features video and audio conferencing to being about collaboration in real-time.
  3. Cloud-hosted business phone systems make use of VoIP softphones. This makes it possible for users to take any calls from any location. With this phone system, users will not be limited by different locations and time zones.
  4. Makes it easy to set up an office in your home. This isn’t the case with traditional phone systems.
  5. VoIP business telephone systems come with a plethora of features such as call routing, auto attendants, call forwarding, and so on.

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