Where to Shop Kpop Merch Sellers in Lazada Philippines?

where to buy kpop album in the philippines
Image via Koreaboo

Are you looking for trusted kpop merch sellers? Or do you want to take advantage of Lazada promos and huge discounts? Whatever your reason, I got you! Below is the list of trusted kpop merch sellers in Lazada Philippines. And yes, I already bought from all of them.

1. Kpop Merch PH – You’re a certified Kpop stan if you know this seller. They’re really famous in Shopee and despite being based in Korea, they ship really fast. More often, faster than Wevers and Ktown4u. They sell a lot of kpop merch from albums and lightsticks. Sometimes they also host fan meeting raffles.

2. N.Cat – This is based locally and they even have a store in some malls. They sell albums, Korean fashion accessories, lightsticks, and more. They even sell my favorite photocard sleeves, the famous Popcorn Sleeves.

3. CNA Philippines – Just like Ncat, they also sell kpop albums, fashion accessories, clothes, and even skincare. They also have a physical store and they are the first and so far the only store in the Philippines that have a lucky draw machine for your fave idols’ new album releases.

So far these are the only Kpop merch sellers I know and trust in Lazada Philippines. If I find more, I will update this. But if you’re looking for Kbeauty products, I also found some trusted and official Lazmall kbeauty sellers here