Things to Look for When Buying a Pedicure Chair

Picking a perfect pedicure chair for your salon is not an easy task as there are so many options on the modern market. They come in different designs, with various features, and their prices can also differ greatly. It is important to keep in mind a set of criteria when choosing pedicure equipment as the requirements will differ in each case. While you can find tons of reliable sites where you can buy these chairs like, read some useful tips first.

How can I Choose the Right Pedicure Chair?

At first, it might be very confusing when you see such a great variety of pedicure chair models available. However, there are certain things you need to evaluate when picking a chair. Here are the things to consider:

  • Easy cleaning – it is essential to clean and disinfect your equipment regularly and after each client. You should be able to clean all the parts of a wash basin without trouble and quickly. In case your chair is not connected to a pipe and the water needs to be changed manually, it should be easier to clean. In addition, some models have disposable parts that are very convenient;
  • Comfort – a good pedicure and spa chair should be comfortable for both clients and professionals. As for the visitors, a chair should be adjustable to make everybody comfy and relaxed. It is also great to be able to move the chair or adjust it to offer other services in the meantime, such as hair washing. For employees it is crucial to be able to work around a pedicure chair comfortably to deliver the best services while feeling good throughout the day;
  • Price – of course, pricing is one of the key points in making a decision to buy a pedicure chair. By figuring out your budget beforehand, you can easily discard all the options that are too expensive for you. However, buying the cheapest models is not a good move either. You should carefully look through the catalog of to find options that have all the necessary features and suit your budget at the same time;
  • Fitting your salon – when buying any type of equipment or furniture, it is essential to make sure that it will fit in your space physically. However, matching the design and vibe of your salon visually is also important. Look at the dimensions and requirements of a pedicure chair, as well as its design before actually purchasing it;
  • Maintenance – equipment can break over time or require regular maintenance. You should ensure that you can reach out to the company or a service center to take care of your pedicure chair. In case some parts need to be swapped regularly to keep your equipment clean, you should be able to buy replacement parts easily;
  • Additional features – while it is not necessary to have some unique features added to your pedicure chair, they can be actually very useful. Such features might include chair heating or massagers that will make your visitors even more relaxed and comfy;
  • Warranty – having a warranty for your equipment is a nice touch that will ensure the high quality of the chair. In case it breaks or malfunctions, you will be able to replace it or receive maintenance. It is also important to use help from professional plumbers in case your equipment connects to the water line to be able to use the warranty.

Each salon has specific requirements and you should consider your personal needs when deciding on a pedicure chair to buy. There is a wide range of models available nowadays to fit every budget while providing great quality.