The Best Honeymoon Catamaran Chartering Locations

The wedding itself is one of the biggest days of your life, but when you want to have an unforgettable, one-in-a-lifetime trip for your honeymoon – it’s time to pull out the big guns. What’s great is that there are so many opportunities to put together an itinerary that is mind-blowing, luxurious, and doesn’t break the bank.

Sailing holidays are quickly becoming the choice for newlyweds who want to experience some luxury and enjoy a new country from a different perspective – and a lot more privacy.

From the warmth of the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, here are some of the most stunning locations for honeymoon catamaran chartering.


If you are looking for diverse culture, people, and arguably the best sailing location (Croatia), then the Med is where you should be heading. What is great about choosing the Mediterranean is that you can cover a lot of ground, and depending on the length of your trip – you can visit multiple locations.


Croatia is considered some of the best sailing around – not to mention it is a hub of activity and sights to see. With over 1400 islands, you can explore things you can’t typically get to without a boat. A huge 350km of coastline makes Croatia not only one of the most beautiful but also one that offers a lot of privacy.

Check out beautiful architecture you might recognize from the world’s biggest TV and Movie smash hits like Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars. There are some ideas here about things to do and places to see.

French Riviera

When it comes to the lap of luxury, the French Riviera comes to mind. While the capital city is stunning, if you’re looking for less hustle and bustle and more french coffee, a slow honeymoon, and views that are to die for, this is it.

Sail along the Côte d’Azur, soak up the glam of Monaco, indulge in some of the world’s best cuisine, and see the St Tropez skyline – all in one trip!


Greece is unmissable for those who love to see architecture that is thought to be the work of gods. Greece is known for having many beautiful, temperate, and enjoyable sailing grounds and water.

Explore small islands and tourist hot spots and relax at the end of the evening by watching the sunset on sapphire waters. What’s more, many uninhabited coves and bays are only accessible by boat!

Caribbean and Americas

The Caribbean and Americas are renowned to provide the best experiences for newly-weds.

Food like you’ve never tasted and sights like you’ve never seen are on offer when you opt for the Americas and Caribbean. The water is so clear in some places you can easily see the creamy white sands below.


The British Virgin Isles has so much to offer visiting honeymooners. It won’t be long before you’re docked and enjoying one of the many islands and their delicious takes on a rum cocktail.


Making for one of the most idyllic options, Mexico offers warm white sands, stunningly blue water – and more delicious street food than even the largest appetite can manage. Mexico offers plenty of history; no matter where you go, you find a combination of culture and taste.


For those social newlyweds, the Caribbean offers an experience like any other. The local cuisine is fresh and flavorful – you won’t know where to start! The BVI, Bahamas, Belize, Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands are just a few breathtaking destinations.

Indian Ocean

If you like tropic, spiritual, and sights that have to be seen to be believed, then the Indian Ocean has several places you should head to.


To experience a culture made up of many types of people – here is where you need to head. Pirates, immigrants, and other visiting invaders have all left their mark on the island. And part of that mark is incredible rum and relaxation!

The people are friendly, and you’re more likely to find yourself dining with new friends. Not to mention that since becoming a tourist favorite, there have been spas, golf clubs, and world-class palm edges beaches.


Seychelles is synonymous with luxury, tropical warmth, and water that sparkles like diamonds. Seychelles comprises 115 islands, many of which you can only experience by boat. The beauty of Seychelles is that everything about it is perfect for newlyweds to relax and unwind after all of the wedding excitement.


For many, when they picture a beach and holding hands with their partner, they might not realize it – but that beach is likely found in the Maldives. Many refer to the Maldives as a barefoot paradise; one visit is never enough.

The waters are stunning, and if you like snorkeling and hopping off the side of your catamaran, you will see yourself surrounded by incredible wildlife here.

Your honeymoon serves many purposes, but one of the biggest should be that you both have the opportunity to relax and enjoy some luxury after the stressful wedding planning. For those with children who will be taking them along, sailing holidays are amazing for families too!

Hiring a catamaran for your honeymoon gives you the luxury of exploring and sightseeing when you want to but retreating into complete privacy when you need some calm. For adventurous people, sailing gives easy access to secret islands, uninhabited coves, and watersports too!