SW15 street workout equipment

Discover our set of SW15 street workout equipment. Born in the streets of New York, this sports discipline is mainly practiced outdoors, whether at home or in a dedicated public park, street workout is an outdoor sports practice located halfway between gymnastics and fitness. bodybuilding. The equipment and the exercises of this sport use for the majority, the weight of the body of the practitioners themselves to work, or that of another person possibly. For those who wish to embark on the practice of calisthenics, it is important to know that this type of sporting leisure requires the use of certain modules and adapted materials. In this article we will discover and learn a little more about the materials that are the most essential and the most used. Discover our range of equipmentCalisthenics   for  your outdoor workouts.Matériel Street Workout

SW15 street workout equipment


Matériel street workout SW15

SW15 street workout equipment


Dips are a physical exercise to develop the triceps of both arms, to make them more massive and more attractive to see. This is also part of the series of exercises to be performed during a street workout course. The material used to do this is nothing but the parallel bars. Or even dip bars. It is an essential piece of equipment for this sport. By custom, the name of the exercise has remained stuck to the material.

It is recommended that this material has a good bar diameter, the aim being to have a better grip and good support. A diameter of 48 mm would already be sufficient. Besides the diameter, the height and length of the dips is a factor to consider as well. Also, the parallel bars must have curved edges in order to benefit from a hammer grip. This is essential to perform certain tricks.


Chin-up bars are as essential as dips in the practice of this sport. This type of equipment allows you to perform bodyweight exercises. The best known is the pull-up exercise which consists of hanging by the arms and lifting up to the height of the bar. It is a movement that allows you to work the back muscles and the biceps, especially in width.

To benefit from a better grip, it is more advisable to favor fixed bars with a thin diameter of 32 mm. As for the length, a standard measurement of 1 meter 50 would be perfect.


In gymnastics as in street workout, it is the apparatus that requires the most power and strength . This discipline consists of working on elements in strength: Dips, iron cross, planks, swallows, pull up with phases of momentum or strictly.


The abdominal plank is an effective cladding exercise to strengthen your abdominals. It also allows you to strengthen your deep muscles, improve your posture and gain balance. The ab board can be straight or angled depending on individual needs and preferences. The plank is a safe exercise, with a very low risk of injury. That’s why any good street workout park always has one.


This material is no less essential than all its predecessors that we have just mentioned. Indeed, this device allows practitioners to perform a wide variety of figures while allowing movement on the equipment. In addition, they can be used by several practitioners at the same time.


One of the reasons gymnasts are known to be the ones with much stronger core strength is in the equipment they use to train. Since street workout draws a little from gymnastics and bodybuilding, this equipment is present on a street workout station.

Indeed, also called handle for push-ups, the parallettes make it possible to simulate the parallel bars of Gymnastics but with a much smaller size. They give you the opportunity to practice the best exercises for the abdominal muscles such as: the L-sit (the square) with straight or bent legs, the V-sit, the Plank.

With the parallettes, the amplitude of your movements on the ground is increased. You also have the ability to easily change your hands position. Very practical, this material can be used in a street workout park as well as for training at home.


Whether it is for stretching at all levels of the body or for performing flags, wall bars are an inseparable tool of street workout. It is a multifunction tool, made up of parallel bars in beech or wood and exist in different sizes and can be in number of 7, 14 or 16 pieces. The upper bar is always in an outer position to facilitate the progress of the exercises.

This device is usually found in gyms and fitness centers but you can also use it for home use.


Most bodybuilders swear by resistance bands. Which is quite normal since the latter offer several advantages which are among others:

They are respectful of your joints: This fitness accessory is often used by physiotherapists in the context of rehabilitation. Indeed, the pressure exerted by these bands against your joints is not intense.

Rubber bands are useful for achieving different purposes. The accessory is essential to gain more strength, gain muscle mass, progress more quickly, develop your explosiveness.