ACTIVITA Skin Vitamin A vs. NO FACE Dermatology Evolve Retinol

Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, Closed Comedones (Pore Congestion)

Not familiar with the above skin conditions? You’ll understand how Vitamin A can target them in this article, and what kind of Vitamin A you should use to resolve skin issues such as wrinkles, blackheads and whiteheads (closed comedones).

There’re a variety of skin vitamin derivatives including Retinyl Palmatate (Acetate), Retinol, Retinaldehyde (Retinal), HPR, Tretinoin etc. If you don’t know the differences between these derivatives, read our last article here.

Although there are many options out there for Vitamin A products, not all of them would provide clinical significance in treating skin issues. People with acne or oily skin concerns usually find Retinyl Pamatate (the weakest form of Vitamin A derivative) not causing any irritation but also ineffective, and that some higher strength Retinol products cause more side effects than benefits. That’s why we have 2 options for all skin types.

Retinol shows significant clinical benefits than weaker forms of Vitamin A, but it is highly photo sensitive and unstable, requiring advanced formulating and manufacturing techniques to ensure the active ingredient efficacy. Common formulations with Retinol range from 0.25%-8%, but there’s no guarantee that the same percentage of concentration would still be in the bottle after opening, as Retinol efficacy reduces in the manufacturing process and reduces further after getting in contact with the air.

Technologies such as encapsulation and hydrogenation make Retinol more stable throughout the manufacturing process and after product opening. Hydrogenated or Hydro Retinol is water soluble, meaning that it doesn’t feel oily or sticky on the face, and encapsulated Retinol means that the active ingredient is encapsulated for a barrier protection, so that it won’t break down easily in the bottle, and once it gets in contact with the skin, it slowly releases to prevent irritation while providing the vitamin A benefits.

Evolve is a good example of using such technologies. That’s why dermatologists and skin professionals love using Evolve on acneic skin types and photo aged skin types with dark spots, as Evolve is a hydro retinol, formulated without any pore clogging ingredient, suitable for oily and congested skin types as the texture is ultra-light. This potent formula will force the skin to accelerate the cellular renewal process to push closed comedones to the surface. Closed comedones are a form of pore congestion with trapped sebum underneath the epidermis, and with a bit help from Evolve, closed comedones can be cleared gradually.

Ideal for Acne, Closed Comedones, Dark Spots, Lines/Wrinkles, Elasticity

A more potent form of Vitamin A is HPR, which is a more direct form of Retinoic Acid, requiring no secondary conversion on the skin to become Retinoic Acid, therefore the result is more instant. HPR is powerful in renewing the skin, but it’s showing less efficacy in reducing acne. However, it is more effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, and dissolving superficial level spots. Depending on the formula, HPR can also be more suitable for people with sensitive and dry skin types when combined with amino acids. ACTIVITA A Reversinol is a well formulated HPR complex with amino acids to increase skin volume for elasticity and reduced hyperpigmentation. That’s why people who find normal Retinol irritating can often tolerate ACTIVITA A well.