3 ways to reduce dental problems in dogs

Your dog’s dental health is incredibly important, and there are many ways you can reduce the risk of your dog getting serious dental problems. Dental problems include gum disease, dental disease, and more. For an in-depth explanation of how these problems manifest in dogs, please refer to this article by PDSA. It’s good to be aware of the risks, but don’t worry, there are many preventative steps you can take which don’t involve flossing your pup’s teeth morning, noon, and night!

  1. Take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups!

The first thing you can do is take your dog in for regular dental check-ups. Though your dog may not be too excited about their regular dental checkups, just as you may not be too keen on your own checkup at the dentist, it’s vitally important for their health and wellbeing to stay on top of any developments that might require treatment.

Their checkups might involve a quick visual check or a more in-depth x-ray exam of your dog’s mouth. Doing this regularly is a sure way to keep up with any developing dental problems. Your vet will also be able to supply you with extra tips to keep your dog healthy, such as a particular diet or teeth cleaning regime to ensure their dental health.

  1. Feed them good food!

Something else that’s important when considering your dog’s dental health is making sure they are eating high-quality, naturally produced food. Talk to your vet about what is the right diet for your pooch, and always read the label and do your research thoroughly before starting your dog on a new diet.

If your dog has a history of dental problems, you might consider dental-specific dog food, or perhaps work with your vet to purchase natural dog chews that have additives that prevent damaging plaque from hardening. Dogs’ teeth are just as sensitive as humans, so never forget to take great care with what they consume on a regular basis.

  1. Purchase safe toys and treats for chewing

Like many other animals, dogs benefit from chewing! Just as rodents need to gnaw regularly to keep their teeth in good order, your dog also needs to chew on things regularly to look after their dental health. Chewing regularly on soft, natural toys or treats is a great way to prevent gum disease in dogs.

When buying toys and treats for chewing, ensure they are not too hard otherwise other problems can occur if your pup swallows the product whole. Softer, naturally sourced treats are very safe and healthy for your dog. As with the food your dog eats, it’s just as important to research widely in order to find the right dog toys and treats for chewing.