Exploring Latest Wig Trends With Luvme Hair


  1. Human hair clip-ins. 1
  2. Coily hair texture. 1
  3. Deep wave hair. 1
  4. Glueless wigs. 1
  5. Tousled body wave. 2
  6. Accessorized headband wigs. 2
  7. Middle-parting. 2
  8. Thick ponytails. 2
  9. HD Lace Wigs. 3

Luvme Hair Wigs. 3

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No matter how many units you currently own, there’s something exciting about trying out fresh and new wig trends that are on the rise. This year, we have seen some fantastic wig trends that are perfect if you want to switch up your looks and flaunt different textures and styles.

Whichever trend you decide to follow, make sure to invest in high-quality wigs like the ones at Luvme Hair. It’s one thing to look fashionable, but if you are caught in a cheaply made wig, it might ruin your look entirely.

Here are the hottest wig trends that you should definitely try out!

1.   Human hair clip-ins

The best part about these versatile hair clip-ins is that you can customize and style them however you want. They are super easy to install, which is always important for working women who want to spend minimum time getting dressed in the morning. You can wear them as-is or style them with a flat iron or curling wand before installation.

2.   Coily hair texture

Beauty trendsetters and celebrities are gravitating towards a more dramatic version of curly hair, specifically, type 4 hair. We are talking about wigs with kinky straight textures with a lot of volume. The reason it’s popular is that the texture blends in well with naturally curly hair and provides a more pronounced and dramatic look.

3.   Deep wave hair

The deep wave hairstyle has been spotted on many red carpet celebrities– making it one of the top wig trends this year. Deep wave wigs appear full and lustrous with a lot of sheens. You can even add deep wave extensions to your natural hair if you want to add some volume to them. The added benefit of deep wave hair is that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair and helps enhance your overall look.

4.   Glueless wigs

This year is all about convenience, and that’s why glueless wigs have become very popular among women. The highlight of this style is that you don’t need a professional to install it, and the wigs come in various haircuts and textures. They offer a more natural look compared to traditional wigs making them an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Moreover, glueless wigs are generally more comfortable to wear since they don’t have a wig cap. They also allow your scalp to breathe better, which is good for your hair’s health. So, if you want to enjoy a relaxed and versatile look, glueless wigs are an excellent choice to consider.

5.   Tousled body wave

We all love a relaxed and effortless look. This is why the tousled body wave hair trend checks all the right boxes. This hairstyle looks great on virtually everyone, and that’s why it’s a celebrity favorite. The tousled body wave looks pretty soft and feminine. It’s the perfect balance between curls and straight hair and works well with all hair lengths.

Whether heading out to paint the town red or planning a beach party, a tousled body wave wig can instantly get you from day-to-night looks.

6.   Accessorized headband wigs

Headband wigs have been around for many years, and the trend has lasted for a reason. They look great on everyone! However, this year the traditional headband wig has received a major revamp with dazzling accessories that are fresh and fun. This hairstyle is so versatile because it can easily be dressed up or down. You can sport a colorful printed headband for a lunch date or use beads and gems for a night party.

7.   Middle-parting

This is a classic style that complements a variety of face shapes and hair types. With a middle parting, you can tuck your hair behind your ears to draw attention to your beautiful features, and it also saves you styling time. You can rock this style in any hair length and texture, making this one a winner.

8.   Thick ponytails

Ponytails have been a staple when it comes to hair trends. This year is all about thick and lustrous high ponytails. You can get the look with a pre-styled wig or create it using your favorite bundle set. Simply slick back your hair with a styling gel and add the bundles to your natural hair. For a softer and more feminine look, you can play up your hairline and add swirled baby hairs too.

9.   HD Lace Wigs

Everyone loves natural-looking hair, and HD lace wigs have made this more possible than ever. These wigs use a sheer lace material that can easily blend into your hairline. This allows you to customize the wig and create different hairstyles while looking completely natural.

It would help if you kept in mind that HD lace wigs aren’t as easy to install as other wigs, but the results are well worth the time and effort.

Luvme Hair Wigs

Whichever hair trend you adopt, you must invest in a quality wig. That’s where Luvme Hair comes to the rescue.

Luvme wigs are created from 100% human hair, which makes them last longer and look natural. As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of human hair wigs, Luvme Hair combines innovative ideas, technology, and high-quality material to bring the best products to its customers.

If you’re unsure about the style you want, you can reach out to their customer service to get personalized recommendations from their certified hairstylists. If you enjoy following the latest trends, you’d love the ‘Trends’ section on their website. Browse their online store today to find your perfect match.


Keeping up with trends is crucial to looking fashionable and on-point. In addition, switching your old units for new ones is always a thrilling experience as you get to experiment with new and fresh styles. However, creating trendy looks with low-quality wigs can ruin your look entirely. Therefore, choose Luvme Hair wigs to channel your inner diva and rock any style with complete confidence.