Discover The Easiest Way to Add an Accent Colour to Your Prom Look

Everyone wants to look their very best for prom. It’s one of the most memorable times in your life and a major milestone. After all, it marks the end of many years of education and the start of a new chapter in your life.

Getting your outfit right means you’ll leave the right impression, helping to prepare you to move forward.

A big part of this is understanding the theme for your prom and the current trends. This will help you to look at the best available prom dresses and find the perfect one for you.

But, what really makes you and your dress stand out is the accent colour. That’s the extra splash that contrasts against your dress to create a stylish image. Fortunately, there are several ways you can effortlessly add this to your prom look.

The Right Jewellery

A necklace, bracelet, or even large earrings can be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to add an accent colour to your prom dress. All you have to do is choose the colour and the size of the jewellery that suits your look. Remember, prom tends to be a formal occasion, meaning a little subtly is a good thing.

If in doubt, choose pink as this works with most colour dresses and skin tones. However, if you have a darker skin tone, amber is also an excellent choice.

Your Bag

No outfit is complete without a bag, no matter how small. This can be a great way to add a stylish splash of colour without going over the top. Again, you’ll need to decide which colour suits you and the setting the best. But, it’s worth considering using one of the following classic contrasts:

  • Black and red
  • Black and turquoise
  • Violet and green
  • Purple and yellow

Your prom is a great opportunity to push the boundaries of what you are comfortable in by adding splashes of contrasting colours. What easier way is there to do this than by having a bright clutch bag?

Don’t Forget to Consider Skin Tone

While your dress can be a simple cream or a bold red, and the accessories add a pleasant contrast, one of the biggest things to consider is your own skin tone. This is likely to be the main competition to the dress.

Therefore, choose a dress and associated accent colour that will complement your skin tone.

In short, if you have pale skin tone you can often get away with an array of pastel colours that create harmony. Darker skin tones can go with bolder colours to create the perfect look.

Don’t be afraid to try on lots of different dresses before choosing the one you love the most.

Your Friends

The prom is not the time to create matching outfits with your best friend for life. It’s an opportunity to express yourself. Your shoes should complement the dress you’ve chosen, leaving your bag and jewellery to create the contrast. It’s a simple approach but it works.