A Possible Solution to Every Bride’s Wedding Hair

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Today, more and more brides are choosing hair accessories instead of traditional tiaras for their wedding day. Some brides like simple and versatile hair accessories, while others are glad they do not have to wear a tiara because they don’t want to look too princessy. No matter the reason, the wide variety of hair accessories gives brides a lot of ways to add to their style and find hair jewels that work with every type of hair.

Many brides wear their hair because an updo is done well and will always look stylish throughout the day. Even though a chignon or a French pleat are classic hairstyles, they often need to be dressed to make them look softer and less harsh. 

These hairstyles look great with wedding hair pins, which add a touch of luxury and sparkle for a timeless look. Popular designs include butterflies, flowers with a lot of detail, and ornate designs that look old and are often set with crystals.

How to Use a French Hair Pin in Four Ways

Half Bun

If you like buns, you might like this easy-to-do style. You can do this with your whole head of hair or just half of it. You can only do this with your short hair now, but it’s still fun. This is the traditional way to use french hair pins, but it can take a little practice to get them in there and hold your bun together. You can make this into a high bun, a low bun, or anything between!

Modern Twist

This is by far the best way to wear a french hairpin. It’s effortless, and all you need to do is tease and half-twist. Try this one if you’re afraid to use a hairpin. The real trick to making this one stay is to put a lot of good texturizing spray or powder texturizer on the piece of hair you will put in the pin. It gives your hair a rougher texture, which helps keep the hairpin in place. You can also help by making fun of them. Take a few pieces of your hair from the top and tease them. This style works best with more depth.

Twisted Half Up

This twisted half-up is easy to do, no matter how long or short your hair is. It’s also just fancy enough to wear to an event. The most effortless hair accessory is the Kristin Ess hairpin. You will love this twist because it is different from the usual messy twist we all know. Instead, it is a bit dressier and more up-to-date. The full tutorial below shows you how we did this fun twist.

Classic Twist

This classic twist works best on hair that is medium to long. This is the twist that high school girls used to do with just a pencil. You need a little more stuff and an actual pin. It takes a little practice to get it right, but once you do, it is a great way to put your hair up that is not just a boring ponytail with a hair tie.

No matter the style or texture of the bride’s hair, it is safe to say that she can find the perfect wedding hair accessory with a bit of shopping. First, ensuring it works with your hair type and length is essential. Here, the advice of a hairdresser can be beneficial! After deciding what kind of French hair pins to wear, the fun can begin. Remember to think about the style of the wedding dress, the colour scheme, the flowers, and the time of year. Coordination is the key to a successful and beautiful wedding in every way.