Where to buy Rare Beauty in the Philippines?

where to buy rare beauty in the philippines

Rare Beauty is one of the most popular beauty brands on Tiktok right now, especially their now cult-fave Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. Before I mention where to buy Rare Beauty in the Philippines, just in case you didn’t know yet, it is the brainchild of Selena Gomez. She said that Rare Beauty was created to challenge unrealistic standards of perfection. Designed to empower and encourage self-expression for everyone, each and every product is blendable, effortless to use, and features buildable coverage. As someone who is currently using their skin tint, liquid blush, and concealer, I agree that their products are so easy to use, that I don’t even use makeup tools and their formulas are truly airy and breathable. Feels like I’m not wearing them.

Where to buy Rare Beauty in the Philippines?

1. SEPHORA PHILIPPINES – Rare Beauty is exclusively distributed by Sephora which is why this is the first place where I look for it, especially for the latest drops. They also sell it cheaper than other stores on this list. They ship straight to your doorstep via Aramex and deliver around a week because they’re coming from Sephora Singapore. The only con is that they sold out fast, especially the popular shades.

2. DAYUHAN – This is my go-to Shopee seller. Almost all of the Instagram and Tiktok-fave beauty brands that are hard to find in the Philippines like Rare Beauty, Kosas, Nécessaire, Patrick Ta, REM Beauty, Gisou, Harry style’s Pleasing, EM Cosmetics, Dior, and more are available here.

3. SOLARE – This is where I bought my first Kosas products. Besides that and Rare Beauty, also sell brands like Sol De Janeiro, Dior, REM Beauty, and more.

4. SKINCARE PH – Another one of those Shopee resellers that have a lot of Instagram and Tiktok-fave brands like Rare Beauty, CereVe, Glossier, Summer Fridays, Versed, and even Telfar bags!

5. SKINS MNL This shop also has a wide range of Instagram and Tiktok-fave beauty brands from Rare Beauty, Kosas, Natrium, Coco & Eve, Olaplex, Versed, and more.

So far, these are the only stores I know where to buy Rarer Beauty in the Philippines. As always, if I found more, I’ll update this list.