How to Get a Tan Faster

Summer is here, and that means we’ve got a chance to get that Vitamin D we all need and get a beautiful tan to go with it! But some of us don’t have enough time to sit in the sun for that long. If you’re a little short on time, then you can speed up the tanning process with these tricks!

Reach for the Tanning Accelerator

If you can’t help but tan with a timetable, then pick up some tanning accelerator to get the job done faster! As you can imagine from their name, a tanning accelerator like the tanning salon formula from Maui Babe enhances melanin production and ensures that your skin will soak up the sun faster.

You won’t just tan faster with a tanning accelerator; you’ll also keep your skin hydrated and moisturized! It’s important to keep your skin properly hydrated even if you plan on tanning since dry skin can mess up your tan.

Since melanin is basically your skin’s natural color, a tanning accelerator will bring out the beauty of your skin quicker than just lying around in the sun. Plus, since they’re not just sprayed-on or rubbed on like bronzer, they’ll last much longer!

Put on Some Sunscreen

You might think that occasionally sitting under an umbrella will help protect you from the sun, but don’t get careless! That’s no substitute for actual sunscreen. There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy and even tan, but don’t forget to put on some sunscreen. 

Even folks with naturally-darker skin can get sunburned from overexposure. Choose a sunscreen with the right SPF level so that you can tan quickly and safely! We recommend using a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen. It’s a standard that will work for all shades of skin. 

Keep an Eye on the Sun

You’ve got to time your tanning sessions properly to make the most out of the sun’s rays. Now, normally this would be quite dangerous, but you can’t lie around waiting for the heat! Get some rays from 10 AM to 4 PM. We strongly suggest wearing sunscreen if you’re serious about getting a tan this way since you don’t want to develop any skin issues.

Your body won’t show any significant differences after tanning for long enough, so keep your sessions short and sweet. Stay under the sun for 10 minutes at a time, then scuttle under some shade.

6 hours is quite a time for a tanning session, so your sunscreen is likely to wear off before you’re done for the day. Reapply it once every 2 hours, whether you’ve taken a dip in the water or not. This way, you can be sure that you’re safe from sun-related risks like melanoma. 

Skip the Supplements; Go for Vegetables!

Don’t go for supplements and stick to the classics instead. This technique’s great for both skin health and general health. Eating the right foods will help your body defend itself against UV rays and provide you with more Vitamin A. This useful vitamin isn’t just great for your eyes; It’ll also boost your skin’s melanin production! 

Go for vegetables that are rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A for a quicker tan. You can get more beta-carotene through spinach, kale, tomatoes, and broccoli. You can increase your vitamin A intake through eggs, red bell peppers, and mango. Then there’s lycopene, which makes your skin more sunlight-resistant. Munch on salads with more tomatoes and snack on watermelons to keep yourself hydrated and ensure you develop a better tan.

Remember to Switch Your Position!

There are lots of things to remember when it comes to tanning, but most people agree that tan lines aren’t great. They make your tan uneven and patchy. You can avoid tan lines by remembering to change your position regularly.

Spin your sun-facing side by about 1/4th once every 30 minutes. Start face up, then switch to your right side after 30 minutes. Flop onto your belly after an hour, then finish up by turning your left side to the sun. If you’re feeling a little dry, it’s alright to pause and stay under the shade for a little while before going back outside. 

Exfoliate and Cleanse Your Skin


If you want to bring out the best your skin’s got to offer and fast, you can exfoliate before tanning. This technique may be a little dangerous especially for those with sensitive skin, so be safe and don’t overdo it. Before you step out in the sun, exfoliate your skin. 

This will remove any buildup of dead skin cells lying around and help you tan faster. Plus, without those uneven patches of skin all over your body, your tan will be more even! 

Once you’re done tanning, moisturize your skin again with an aloe vera-based lotion so that you can avoid any issues and ensure that your tan stays for longer.

Strip Down

If you really want to tan faster, you can lie completely nude in the sun. You won’t have to worry about tan lines if you’re not wearing anything! That being said, this is both common sense and a little difficult to pull off. Hopefully, you’ve got a private area where you can lie down without fear of anyone seeing you in your birthday suit. Just like every other tip so far, don’t forget to put on a layer of sunscreen and stay hydrated before you start tanning in the buff!

Get Some Artificial Help

We’re not talking about tanning beds here, but tanning reflectors or a reflective towel! This old-school method remains an actually useful tip for tanning faster. Just sit down on a lounge chair with your reflective blanket, and angle it so that it brings the sun towards you. 


To sum it all up, pick up a tanning accelerator, eat more vegetables, and exfoliate your skin before you start tanning. Don’t forget to apply an even coat of sunscreen, avoid tanning beds, and change your position while out in the sun for a beautiful and even tan this summer!