How To Fix A Dimpled Chin

Some people find a dimpled chin attractive, while some think it’s a curse. When you have it, you can grow to love it or resent it, but know that there are ways that you can fix it depending on its severity. If you’re one of those who doesn’t want a dimpled chin, look no further. This article will give you ideas on how to fix a dimpled chin. So, read on for the information.

What Is A Dimpled Chin?

If you have a prominent vertical crease on your chin, like Henry Cavill, that is called a cleft chin and is sometimes even referred to as butt chin. It’s a genetic and harmless anatomical feature due to the unfused jaw bone that leaves a tiny gap on your chin, which looks even more pronounced when you smile. 

A less hyperactive indentation that creates a pebbled appearance on the chin is more habit-forming. It results from years of facial expression and facial muscle gestures that make the muscles contract and become less relaxed. Both can be addressed using different methods and applications, so you need not worry about it. 

However, you may also choose to embrace it since some find it attractive and desirable. Some people even want it and go under the knife to have that cute crease on their chin. But if you wish to have it fixed, here are ways you can do it:

  • Botox

Botox has been widely used to treat wrinkles and reduce skin aging for many years. It is a toxin made by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. For a cleft chin, it paralyzes the muscle so that it relaxes into position, making it less noticeable. It’s not a permanent solution, and you must repeat the procedure at least every three months. If you wish to try this procedure, you may contact The Lumen Center and other similar clinics. 

  • Dermal Filler

It is a non-invasive procedure where the doctor injects synthetic fillers like CaHA, calcium hydroxylapatite, PLLA, or poly-L-lactic acid into the soft tissue under your skin. The dermal filler works by adding shape and definition to the chin area and jawline.

It effectively fills in the spaces and smoothens the surface of the skin. When your plastic surgeon uses a natural filler like hyaluronic acid, the effectiveness can last from 9-15 months. It might last for up to two years if synthetic fillers were injected.

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  • Fat Grafting

A more permanent solution to the dimpled chin is fat grafting. Your plastic surgeon will take a small amount of fat through liposuction from your stomach and inject it into your chin. Many note the high success rate of this procedure, though the downside is that it tends to increase the size of your chin. 

  • Mentoplasty/Genioplasty

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your dimpled or cleft chin, you have to save up for it as it could be expensive. The procedure is called mentoplasty or genioplasty. The plastic surgeon will modify your jaw bone and adjust your chin muscles to reshape your chin. 

This procedure requires a longer healing time and is permanent. It cannot be reversed, so if you’re fully decided, you can go for it. Though you may need to remember that if your cleft chin is very prominent, wanting to have a natural appearance might be challenging. However, with an excellent plastic surgeon, it might just be attainable.

  • Use Your Finger

If the dimples on the chin are caused by contracting muscles and not genes, a relatively easy solution would be to relax and let your muscles rest. If the lower part of your face seems to have a stronger muscle, it compensates for the weakness of your upper lip muscle, thus the dimples on your chin. 

The best way to put it back in place is to stick your finger in it and push the muscles outward. You may do this while inside your room and bored, doing nothing. Make sure your fingers are very clean before inserting them into your mandible. Of course, you must do it when you’re alone, as it would look bizarre if people saw you poking your mouth in public and pushing your face outwards. 

  • Use Your Tongue

If you’re not comfortable using your fingers, use your tongue instead. Stick your tongue on the left part of your mouth, push it outwards, and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Do this on the right side and front part of your face as well.

 You may do this while you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for your turn at the doctor or anytime you feel like nobody’s watching you. Do this several times a day, and you can see your chin muscles relaxing and losing the tiny dimples that look like orange peel.

  • Use Shiatsu Technique On Your Face

Massage can help ease tension anywhere on your body, which could also help release the tension on your face and remove the tiny dimples on your chin. After washing your face, apply a little facial oil to your hands so it’s easier to glide over your skin. Always remember to use an upward motion to prevent your skin from sagging. Use a clenched fist on the chin, and let your clenched fist roll upwards from the bottom of your chin, ensuring it firmly presses the creases.   


A dimpled chin can be a blessing. Many celebrities and personalities have it. But if you feel like it’s hurting your self-esteem because people have been bullying you and calling you butt-face, you might as well get rid of it. Review your options and determine if it’s something you want to alter, as going under the knife is permanent and will not return that cute dimple.