Tips for Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Tips for Wedding Bouquet Preservation

No wedding is complete without a bridal bouquet! It is one of the accessories that will adorn your whole look. It will also complement your wedding dress with unique colour tones and an authentic personality. But after the day passes, the bouquet will wither – which is a bit melancholic for brides! That being said, wedding bouquet preservation is something to think about if you’re feeling nostalgic. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to toss the flowers away when your wedding day ends. However, in order to preserve your bespoke piece, you’ll have to prepare ahead of time!

In essence, your wedding flowers can be preserved in various ways. Some of these ways will even keep them looking just as good as the day you saw them for the first time. You can continue to savour the splendour of your wedding flowers in the coming years by turning your bouquet into an accessory, piece of jewellery, or keepsake. With all of these possibilities, it’s important to remember that the earlier you start the preservation process, the better. Waiting more than a few days puts your flowers at risk of wilting or bruises.

Select your flower preservation method

When it comes to keeping your bridal bouquet fresh, you have various options. Your wedding flowers can be air-dried, compressed, silica-gel dried, or frozen. Although air-drying flowers is a reasonably simple DIY project, your bridal bouquet’s vivid colours won’t be preserved. Additionally, you can have them adequately pressed, which will undoubtedly preserve more of the colour and shape. Another DIY flower preservation technique that will help preserve the integrity of your florals is silica gel. The most effective way to preserve your wedding bouquet is to freeze-dry the flowers before arranging them in a glass vase or picture frame.

Dried wedding flowers

The simplest method for preserving a wedding bouquet is this one, as it can be done at home without special tools or knowledge. Although the flowers will slightly shrink and the colours will fade, drying your bridal bouquet is the best way to preserve the entire arrangement.

Here are some ideas on how to dry your bridal bouquet: 

Eliminate extra foliage, broken petals, extra leaves, and whatever has already begun to turn brown.

Next, firmly wrap the stems in a twine, yarn, or string strip. Additionally, you can wrap the stems in a rubber band and attach the string to them. Leave the bouquet upside-down in a damp, dark place, such as a closet or kitchen pantry. Though some bouquets might need up to a month or over to completely dry out, allow the process to unfold for at least two weeks.

Your bridal bouquet can be displayed in a vase. However, make sure to keep it safe from dust, humidity, and insects until it has completely dried.

Pressed bridal bouquet

If you don’t mind preserving just a few flowers from the bouquet rather than the whole design, this solution for wedding bouquet preservation is ideal. If you don’t have a flower press kit, choose a thick, heavy book that will exert sufficient weight on the flowers to press them flat. The flowers should be placed in the middle of the book, sandwiched between two blank pieces of paper. In around two weeks, check on them. If they aren’t entirely dry, press them again. We adore the concept of framing the blooms once they are finished. If you’re feeling creative, carefully remove the dried flowers from the pages and glue them into an artistic arrangement on a new piece of paper.

There are also professionals who preserve whole bouquets if you are keen on saving it whole!

Wedding bouquet preserved with silica gel

Silica, the same material typically found in new shoe boxes and purses, works by absorbing the moisture from the flowers. Although the bouquet might somewhat shrink, this method of preservation is the greatest choice for preserving your bouquet’s original form, colour, and appearance. Most craft stores sell silica drying gel, which you can purchase. Prior to using your actual flowers, we advise testing this technique with other flowers. Apply silica powder to the blossoms with a paintbrush. After that, add the powder to the empty area in the airtight container, close the lid, and insert the flowers. Give them about a week to dry out.

Take the bouquet out and carefully dust off any powder that might be left. It can be finished with a sealant spray and displayed in a vase or show box if it is completely dry.

Freeze-dried bridal bouquet

Even though freeze-drying is the most expensive option, your wedding bouquet will look astonishingly similar to how it did on your big day. You can get professional advice from your florist about recommendations to handle this choice, as it will require professional help. The bouquet will be stored in a freeze-dryer to gradually remove moisture after the flowers have been sprayed with starch. The procedure may take up to three months.

Dip your flowers in wax

Unfortunately, unlike the other methods for preserving a wedding bouquet, immersing your flowers in wax does not permanently preserve them. Your flowers will only survive six months at most, but they will be nearly identical to how they appeared on your wedding day since wax helps the flowers maintain their precise shape and colour.

The process goes as follows – in a pot, melt paraffin wax. Fill a heat-resistant container with wax and dip your flowers in. Turn the bloom slowly after removing it from the wax, letting any remaining wax drip back into the pot. You can also give your flowers a second dip to ensure they last longer.

Look for the right local or online vendor.

Ask your wedding florist first whether they can preserve your wedding flowers or if they are aware of a nearby business that can. Or as always, there is always the possibility to find a skilled professional online!

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