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Is Melasma Harmful for Skin?

Melasma falls within the group of chronic skin diseases that require intensive treatments, and doctors attribute the explanation for its appearance to the excessive accumulation and deposition of melanin within the skin. But in recent years, dermatology has witnessed qualitative developments in the amount of melasma treatment, as there’s today a large range of treatment options that reduce the looks of black or brown spots. wide selection of whitening creams .

Specialized medical centers have attached great importance to the treatment of melasma and have attracted the newest devices for this purpose. Doctors specialized in their field of labor work on them in order that the extent of the depth of melasma is accurately diagnosed so as to work out the therapeutic course to be followed .

Melasma may be a skin condition that’s represented by the looks of brown spots that usually appear on the face or other places within the body, like the hands and neck, which are the places exposed to sunlight .

The reason behind the looks of melasma is thanks to a defect within the melanin cells answerable for the colour of the skin, which causes a change within the color of the skin . Melanin is that the pigment that determines coloring, and melasma is produced when a rise in its production . Melasma isn’t harmful in any way, but it’s annoying when it’s visible on the face, causing severe embarrassment for the lady .

 Melasma affects women over men, especially during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that occur within the adult female body during the months of pregnancy, and hormonal treatments like contraception pills also are among the catalysts that cause the emergence of melasma . Constant exposure to the sun without the employment of protection creams may be a contributory think about the emergence of melasma in some and one among the most causes of the event and exacerbation of melasma . Also, other factors, like genetic predisposition and age, may play a task in its exacerbation .

Effective treatments

The doctor prescribes some creams that have a robust effect in getting eliminate melasma, like creams that contain hydroquinone , which works to lighten dark spots and is employed twice daily and sometimes has good results, especially when used with sunscreen creams .Triluma Cream 15 gm for Melasma and Tretinoin Cream 0.025 for Acne

In cases of deeper melasma, the doctor resorts to the triple treatment that contains three sorts of active substances, which are hydroquinone , retinoic acid and cortisone, and sometimes the doctor adds another substances to the treatment, like kojic acid and azelaic acid, as these substances exfoliate your skin, making spots Darker lighter with time . 

Laser melasma treatment

Treating skin problems by laser reflects the new trend of dermatology, where dermatologists resort to lasers to treat a range of skin diseases and problems like melasma, dark spots and other pigmentation and skin scars safely and effectively . Laser is one in every of the most recent treatment methods accustomed treat melasma through a range of devices and techniques, provided it’s employed by a specialized dermatologist to see the depth of melasma, skin type and color, so the amount of sessions is decided .

Laser devices are developed to treat melasma within the past few years. the start was with the utilization of laser peeling devices, which needs a period of up to 2 weeks or more to urge obviate the redness and irritation resulting from the skin peeling process . 

 Then the fractional laser appeared, which is that the only variety of laser approved by the Food Organization (FDA) as a treatment for melasma . The results of this kind of laser are promising within the treatment of melasma, because it works only on the target .

Fractional laser technology works on vertically penetrating the targeted layers of the skin, and so distributing the thermal rays of the laser within the kind of small scattered dots, so these thermal rays stimulate the tissues to supply collagen and elastin answerable for the softness and elasticity of the skin, additionally as exfoliation of dead cells . It should be noted that the treatment of melasma by laser requires variety of sessions to be determined by the doctor after diagnosing the character of the palm and therefore the extent of its depth and spread within the face .

Skin care tips for melasma :

Avoid exposure to the sun for long periods without using sunscreen the least bit, because the sun’s rays increase the damage .

Moisturizing the skin on a commonplace because it relieves

Prevents the looks of melasma and helps its disappearance

faster .

Avoid stress because it contributes to a rise within the secretion of oil by the skin, which increases the chance of

Skin pigmentation .

Clean the skin with the acceptable lotion determined by the dermatologist twice daily, and use the suitable toner in order that dirt doesn’t accumulate on the face and complicate the matter .