Ergonomic Interior: How to Make a Small Kitchen Comfortable

Photo by Terry Magallanes:

In order to comfortably cook and spend time with your family at home, it is important to take into account many features at the stage of creating a project, as well as to plan design a room, preferably not just one, but all.

The ergonomics of a kitchen can be affected by both people’s height and their daily habits. The ergonomics of space can help make the home a place where we enjoy spending time in the company of family and friends.

Basic principles of ergonomics

Ergonomic space considers safety, comfort, aesthetics, simplicity, and accessibility. Perhaps ergonomics may be associated with your workspace.  But you can create such an environment throughout the house that it is easy and simple for each person in it to move between objects, get the necessary things, turn on the light, etc. Because of all these actions we repeat them many times a day.

Minimum distance

Pay attention to the minimum distance between kitchen areas. Important factors: the number of residents, how often you have guests, whether you like to cook at home (and how often you do it). You can also think in advance about how many appliances, household equipment, and storage places you need. After that, you can calculate the desired distance between all areas in the kitchen.

Working triangle

An important basis for the interior design of the small kitchen will be a working triangle. The working triangle in the kitchen is three locations:

  • refrigerator;
  • shells;
  • and others.

When creating a kitchen project, it is very important to maintain exactly this sequence of arrangement.

Why should you use the work triangle principle? This method allows you to arrange the necessary work areas close enough to each other so that it is comfortable for you to cook and be, even in a small kitchen. The design will allow you to cope with everyday tasks. It will be convenient for you to get food from the refrigerator, cut them, cook, and clean the kitchen.

The working triangle in the kitchen provides the most comfortable working environment. If you follow the correct arrangement of zones in a triangle, you can save up to 25% of cooking time. The working triangle allows you to optimize space, so you do not have to walk a lot from one area to another.

The center of the working triangle in any kitchen can be a sink. As a rule, during the cooking process, you will spend 40% at the sink. Therefore, its location must be considered first. And only then do the remaining components of the triangle.

As you can see, the successful location of all items depends on many factors. Therefore, preliminary planning of the entire space is necessary. It is especially important not only to imagine it in your head, but also to see how it will look in the picture and, if possible, to change something.