Antique Earrings: How To Spot Fakes

Some would say that fakes are a sign of success; no one is going to take the trouble of copying an item of jewellery unless it is top-notch and the artists that create these copies are highly skilled and know how to make something look old. Here are a few ways that you can tell whether or not a pair of antique earrings are genuine or fake.

The Price

Typically, a fake pair of antique earrings would be priced lower than usual and this is the first tell-tale sign that they are not genuine. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Of course, a fake pair of antique earrings are not going to be overpriced, as they would never sell.

Point Of Sale

A common place to find fake antiques is online, mainly because when you buy something online, you don’t get to handle the goods. A few images and a text description are all you have to go on. Still, online scammers are clever at covering their digital tracks, so always go to reputable dealers.


Of course, if a piece of antique jewellery is fake, the gemstones won’t be genuine and many people wouldn’t know the difference between a real diamond and a piece of glass. If you are thinking of acquiring antique earrings, make contact with a trusted Sydney antique jewellery dealer, or dealers near your area. You can be sure you are getting the real thing!

Stone & Setting

A common error that fake jewellery makers seem to follow is that the stone and setting do not match. Only an expert would pick up on this, which is why you should have any antique earrings appraised by an expert before committing to the purchase.


Every item of genuine antiques would have some form of hallmark, which you should be able to find through a physical inspection. The precious metal has always been stamped with a maker’s mark and an assay stamp to verify purity, and these are hard to forge.

Buy From A Reputable Antique Dealer

The best way to ensure genuine pieces is to contact an established antique dealer, who would never list a piece that was not genuine. Their reputation would be in tatters in an instant and it takes many years to earn a good reputation; you can rely on this type of antique dealer regarding the authenticity of any antique piece they list for sale.

Avoid Unsolicited Enquiries

When a seller approaches a potential buyer, this should set the alarm bells ringing. Normally, a seller of antiques does not approach buyers, it should be the other way round. There are certain protocols that should be followed in the antique world and cold-calling is certainly not on the menu. In the event, you are offered a pair of antique earrings and you are unsure about authenticity, ask an antique dealer to appraise the earrings.

If you are looking to add to your antique jewellery collection, the best person to connect with is the online antique dealer, as he would have a great selection of genuine antique earrings at fair prices.