moment in every person’s life
A wedding is a most awaited moment in every person’s life

5 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

A wedding is a most awaited moment in every person’s life. If your wedding is around the corner, you might have been extensively occupied with finding the right location, finalizing your guest list, choosing the menu and all the other wedding chores. Your preparation for the wedding might take up days or even months but your wedding will just fleet away like a whirlwind and you will never know when it got over!

Weddings bring in lots of special moments that you have not only with your partner but also with your invitees. How do you preserve these moments and carry them with you forever? Wedding guestbooks are the perfect solution! They give your guests an opportunity to shower you with warm wishes and advice as they celebrate your nuptials. They are sentimental gifts that can be treasured over the years and remind you and your spouse of your special day and who you celebrated it with!

This is where tools come in
Using online tools

Gone are the days when people simply had a booklet where sweet messages were written. Today, guestbooks are a trend and staple part of many weddings. They have evolved from being just an addition to the wedding to being as important as the wedding cake, flowers, wine, and other essentials! This is why the variety in which guestbooks are fabricated today is huge and unimaginable! 

The plethora of options available can leave you baffled. Hence, here we have put together 5 wedding guest book alternatives that you must consider for your wedding and you won’t regret! 

1] Wedding Video guestbook 

Think how amazing it would feel when you are grey and old and sit back with your spouse on a couch all snuggled up watching a wedding video guestbook that has all your loved ones wishing you well on your wedding day! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? The task of collecting and collating all the videos might sound tedious. This is where tools come in! Using online tools, you can create signage that you can put around your venue. 

Polaroid selfies are not only a stunning
Install an Instax camera

This signage shall have a QR code that allows guests to film themselves at the wedding setting and record messages in their comfort without having to wait in line for the video booth to get empty or struggle with creating an account. They can go freestyle that is record candid videos or wishes. When years later you watch the compiled video, you will not only be teary with the heart-warming messages but also have a good laugh at the moments of the wedding. 

2] Polaroid selfies

Polaroid selfies are not only a stunning guestbook alternative but are also very fun for your guests since almost everyone today loves to take photographs!  Install an Instax camera and a sharpie and let your guests click on it! Have a special spot at your wedding venue where the camera is installed and strings are hung to which the polaroid images with a message on the back of the portrait can be suspended using a wooden clip. You can also add a few fairy lights so the aesthetics are improved. The same can be taken back home and set up in a cosy corner of your house! The smiling faces of your near and dear ones with their heart-filled messages will surely make your every day better!

3] Globe guestbook 

At your wedding
traditional and ask your invitees

At your wedding, go beyond the traditional and ask your invitees to recommend places that you can add to your bucket list as a couple! You can get a globe and ask people to sign over places they recommend. This will not only look good on your side table but also be a helpful gift! It won’t take up a lot of space in your house as well. 

4] Fingerprint tree 

Why stick to signatures and wishes? Bring out the child within your guests, get those bright paints out and let your guests put their fingerprints on the fingerprint tree! You can later frame the fingerprint tree and use it as wall art. You can also use it at the top of your coffee table! 

If you are inclined towards a showpiece, you can go for a wishing tree wherein you use cherry blossom or magnolia branches and suspend notes from your loved ones on them. You can use wooden hearts, or simply paper notes tied up with ribbons and place them on your side table as an aesthetic display piece. 

5] Telephone guestbook 

A recent trend in guest books that is gaining prominence is the telephone video book. It allows your guests to record voice messages which you can listen to from time to time. The vintage telephone will amplify the vibe of your house as well! 

trend in guest books
gaining prominence is the telephone video book

You can always get models of something you and your partner fancies! It could be based on particular themes like beach, music, your favourite movie or show and so on! Guestbook is something that you will preserve and look back on for years to come. It is something that will let you reminiscence on your special day in its entirety. So, give it enough thought, and make sure you consider all your alternatives before you settle on one!