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5 things you need to know before gifting a wig

Gift-giving is a social act of expressing love and building relationships. By giving gifts, people can communicate with each other and show kindness and love. When choosing a gift, we often need to consider many factors. For example, whether the person receiving the gift needs the gift. Whether the person receiving the gift likes the gift. An inappropriate gift can cause some embarrassment and send the wrong message. Therefore, you should think a bit more when shopping for gifts. If you are picking a wig as a gift, then this article will help you a lot.

1.  Buy human hair wigs when you can afford them

Human hair wigs are made from human hair bundles and cap.Human hair wigs usually cost around $150 to $300. The price of artificial fiber wigs is usually around $20 to $80. If you only consider the price, human hair wigs do not seem to have any advantages over man-made fiber wigs. But if you consider the service life and experience, then human hair wigs will always be your first choice. I mean, if your budget allows, then you should buy human hair wigs whenever possible. If you need a wig as a gift for a friend, relative, or loved one. Then a human hair wig may be more suitable.

From the perspective of service life. The lifespan of man-made fiber wigs may only be one month to three months. The service life of a human hair wig can reach one to two years. What’s more noteworthy is that human hair wigs can be restored to their suppleness and neatness with conditioners, coconut oil and other products. And man-made fiber wigs cannot be repaired and managed by any product. Therefore, once your man-made fiber wig is damaged or deformed, then this wig can no longer be used.

From the perspective of use experience, human hair wigs will look more natural. And in the actual wearing experience, human hair wigs are also more comfortable and rarely cause allergic reactions (some people’s skin is allergic to artificial fibers).

All in all, if you’re on a budget. I suggest you buy a human hair wig as a gift.

2.  Curly human hair wigs are relatively easy to manage wigs

As far as the actual experience is concerned, curly human hair wigs will be a very good choice. Because curly human hair wig has a very nice look. It can give the user a lively, youthful feeling. Plus, curly human hair wigs are usually fairly manageable. Apply some coconut oil to your curls on the go and you’ll have a curly human hair wig looking super stylish and pretty.

3.  Lace wigs are a valuable wig

Lace wigs are the easiest of all wigs to give you a natural look. If your budget is sufficient, then lace wigs will definitely be a very good choice for you. Among all kinds of lace wigs, 4×4 closure wig is the cheaper one. And it also doesn’t require glue to aid installation. This is friendly for newbies. Of course, frontal lace wigs are a further gift option. The experience with Frontal lace wigs is superior, but it also costs a bit more. You can choose which lace wig to send based on your budget.

4.  Headband wigs and throw on and go wigs are great for newbies

If the person you are giving a gift has absolutely no idea about wigs and how to wear them. Then headband wig and throw on and go wig are good choices. Both types of wigs are easier to install than lace wigs. The headband wig is more suitable for use when exercising. And throw on and go wig can be used as a daily commute option.

5.  Don’t buy cheap wigs as gifts

I know that some wig sites may drop their wig prices to an astonishing level. But too cheap wigs may not be a good choice. The material of human hair wigs is scarce, so it is difficult to reduce the cost of human hair wigs. If the price of a wig is too low, then you may want to be wary of this. Because it may be a wig mixed with plastic hair or animal hair. Even, its entire website is a scam website. It will take your money and send you an empty express package.