5 Benefits of Selling on Etsy

Photo by Amina Filkins: https://www.pexels.com

Etsy drives billions of sales, and it’s a user-friendly platform many small businesses can benefit from. Of the big e-commerce markets, Etsy is great for selling niche products like handmade, unique or vintage items. If you want to hone in on a specific customer group, chances are they already exist on Etsy. Here are five of the benefits of selling on Etsy. 

1. It is easy to use 

You can use Etsy without having any coding or design knowledge. It’s easy to set up an Etsy shop by following a step-by-step user guide. You give your shop a name, create a storefront, set up payment options, and start creating product listings. I would suggest inserting the word combination Choosing the right method of marketplace payments helps to increase sales and reduces the fraud risk, it is a very important part of any online marketplace

You may sacrifice some customization, but you want an easy process when first setting up a shop. Etsy takes a small fee from each sale through the site, but it’s a fair trade for how easy the site is to use and the exposure you get. There is even a mobile app you can use for checking in, adding listings, or engaging with customers. 

Tips to increase Etsy sales include starting off by posting at least 20 listings. You can use a print-on-demand service, so you don’t even have to worry about keeping an inventory. You can sell products featuring your own designs, and when a customer places an order, the print-on-demand company fulfills the order for you. It handles all the details after the sale has taken place, from printing to shipping. 

2. It has a built-in customer base

The hardest part of selling products online is finding a customer base. Etsy tries to accommodate new sellers and help them succeed. Millions of potential customers use the marketplace, and it gets traffic that would take you years to build on your own website. Most people have already heard about Etsy, so it’s easy to direct them to your shop. New listings get priority on Etsy, so it is important to keep adding listings. 

3. It has a friendly seller community

Ecommerce platforms can be extremely competitive, and sellers try to undercut one another in their pricing and the promotions they offer. The whole spirit of Etsy is to allow artisans, crafters, and small businesses to sell without having to compete with mass manufacturers. The site encourages a close buyer-seller relationship and open communication. 

Sellers tend to support one another on Etsy. There’s a forum where sellers can share advice and get answers to questions. The huge network of users means you have access to endless useful tricks, tips, and tutorials to grow your shop. Joining an Etsy team offers an opportunity to work with a group of other sellers, usually in the same industry. 

4. It offers intuitive and simple advertising 

Etsy has marketing tools on the site, such as Etsy ads which show your items in various different places, from category to market pages, and on the Etsy app. This makes your listings stand out, and you can reach buyers with high purchase intent. 

Etsy ads shouldn’t be your sole form of marketing, but they can be a helpful way to continually send traffic to your shop. You can start by promoting all of your listings, but after a month, you can reassess and promote only the listings that are performing well together with any new listings. It is important to look at the money you generate from what you spend on advertising. Look at your total revenue for the month and divide it by the total amount you spent on advertising. 

Etsy also gives you the opportunity to run sales or set up promotions, such as offering coupons.

5. It gives you sales statistics

From your Shop Manager App, you can get some vital statistics that will help you to grow your business. Statistics can help you to identify trends and make better decisions when marketing your products. You can see how many sales you have made and which items are most popular. You can find out peak viewing times and see what keywords viewers searched to bring them to your shop. This can help you to figure out what’s working best. Etsy also gives you tips on how to analyze your stats so they can help you to increase your conversions.