Space-Expanding Design Ideas You Can Take into Consideration

You like your house and wouldn’t give it up for anything, but has it grown too tiny for you? The answer is in the expansion, and we’ll give you some suggestions on how to make your home more spacious and enjoyable!

A balcony with a cover

It’s a pity to have a yard behind the home or to live on the top floor of a residential structure and not use the space for the balcony. However, the route to the ideal roof balcony has never been easier, and the summer months are the best time to provide yourself and your family with a big and comfortable space.

If, however, you have one, it is undoubtedly preferable to have it covered since you will not have to worry about your furniture and other elements being damaged if it rains or snows, and it will provide shade in the heat. Even if it’s modest, a covered balcony with a glass roof may be used as an additional space in your house, such as a sunny office.

Make use of the attic

There is almost always a vacant spot in the house that you can make more useful with a little bit of creativity and effort. For example, residential construction frequently has vacant space that the owners, unfortunately, don’t use or know about. However, investing in this space may be quite valuable to those who have the opportunity to increase their living space. For instance, the attic is the most underutilized space in the house. This is often because the owners are afraid of investing in something that they think will not serve many purposes. However, sometimes attics can be so large that they allow for the creation of extra rooms, such as study rooms, bedrooms, or children’s rooms. 

Also, if there are ceiling or vertical beams in such a room that link the roof to the floor, make sure to use them since they may add a lot of charm. Likewise, make sure you paint the attic, decorate it with some details, and add a lot of soft furniture. You will shortly see how much potential there was below your roof! Similarly, as many families use the attic as a playhouse for their children, you can do it as well. This will be a very good area that can be magnificently designed and filled with innovative ideas, and your children will certainly enjoy it! 

Veranda kitchen

Increasing the size of the kitchen to make it an area to enjoy with family and friends is a popular home addition concept, and you can achieve this with a conservatory design.

Therefore, extending the kitchen onto the yard, which will be followed by a small garden, is certainly a good idea.

For instance, because of the numerous glass surfaces, the veranda is great for expanding not only the kitchen but also the living or dining room. When it comes to the expenses, make sure you first check some useful cost guides so that you can better organize and plan the expansion. Thus, if your kitchen is cramped and you can’t comfortably dine there, consider expanding it to the porch. Make your own little glass dome with wood, steel, aluminum, or PVC structure for a distinctive ambiance, especially if it offers a view of the garden, lawn, or any type of greenery!


Basements, which are generally not used enough, can be found in historic buildings and flats. It is possible to convert them into other rooms, such as a bedroom or a bathroom, or even leisure and socializing space. Many people who live in these types of facilities set up an area for large gatherings, such as greeting visitors and celebrating holidays, birthdays, and other anniversaries! 

Garden house 

Gardening equipment and accessories, as well as old items, have been stored in backyard cottages for a long time. These days, these places are rather used as a workplace, private spaces for when one of the family members needs some alone time, or a guest room. So, keep up with the times and increase your quality of life with a backyard house!

Arrange the furniture carefully

We may create a counter-effect in our attempt to make the home area more lovely. For instance, excessive detailing, as well as larger pieces of furniture, should be avoided in a tiny room or home. Also, when arranging the furniture, keep the walking areas in mind and leave a lot of space to be able to freely move in the room.

To achieve the effect of a spacious room, you can add some mirrors on both sides of the room to create a space and light illusion.

What are you waiting for? Make sure you inspect the house for unused or poorly used space and expand it!