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Marrying A Mail Order Bride: A Divorce-Free Marriage

Do Mail Order Brides Get Divorced?

Getting married is a big deal, especially if you want to ensure everything works well. Consider the divorce rate if you want to meet a mail-order bride from abroad. Do mail-order brides get divorced? Check out this article to find out!

Countries With Highest Divorce Rates

Even though rates aren’t the first thing to consider when choosing a mail-order bride, they are still important. The high divorce rate usually reflects people’s inability to marry the right people or get married too soon. In some cases, people are just not into family relationships. The following countries typically have the highest divorce rates:

  1. Maldives;
  2. Kazakhstan;
  3. Russia;
  4. Belarus and Belgium (tie);
  5. Moldova;

In recent years, people from different countries have begun seeking partners abroad to see if they match. In some cases, people from different continents or regions match each other better. So, consider this fact too when choosing a mail order bride. 

Countries With Lowest Divorce Rates

The most recent data states that Sri Lanka has the lowest separation rate. It has a rate of 0.15 breakups per 1,000 residents, so it’s extremely low. Here are the top 5 countries with the lowest separation cases:

  1. Sri Lanka;
  2. Guatemala and Vietnam (tie);
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;
  4. Peru;
  5. The south African Republic.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a low divorce rate doesn’t necessarily mean that couples are happy. In some cases, it’s simply more difficult to obtain a divorce. For example, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have low divorce rates, almost as low as mentioned regions. However, getting divorced in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates is nearly impossible. 

What To Consider Before Marrying A Foreigner?

As mentioned, some people believe marrying foreigners may result in a successful marriage. We communicate with people from all corners of the world thanks to modern technologies. As a result, we meet some compatible people and may become interested in romantic relationships with foreigners. But is it that easy to be married to a foreigner?

There are a few things men should consider before seeking a mail order bride from abroad:

  • Culture. Different regions have different cultures, and they may affect your marriage. Ensure your beliefs don’t clash with the country where you want to meet a mail-order bride. 
  • Religion. In some countries, one of the partners might need to convert to a different religion prior to getting married. 
  • Traditional roles. People in different countries may believe in traditional or non-traditional female and male roles. This peculiarity may have a significant impact on the marriage. 

Another thing to acknowledge is where you plan to settle down. The country where you and your mail order bride will end up living in is important, especially if both of you want to keep working. If you decide to move to the country of your mail order bride, you would likely have to learn the native language. 

So, it’s critical to understand that international marriage has a few obstacles. Both you and your mail-order bride should be willing to overcome these common struggles. Otherwise, the marriage may end up a failure.