How to Reignite Intimacy in Your Marriage

Do you remember that point in your marriage when intimacy was at an all-time high? The sad thing is that you cannot completely understand how you saw an end to those times.

You long for that sort of relationship again and you even ask if it is possible. The good news is that it is possible for you to rekindle the fire in your marriage.

However, you need to take certain steps in the right direction. If you are willing to play by the rules, then you are on your way to reigniting intimacy in your relationship.

Love Should be More of a Duty than a Feeling

Let us face it! You may not be in love with your partner as much as you once did. Well, this is not odd. It is even bound to happen.

This is why you need to understand that love is more of a duty than a feeling. You owe it to your partner to love him/her come what may. So, be deliberate about being and remaining in love with that man/woman you said “I do” to.

Do Not Lose Touch with the Things You Always Liked About Each Other

Many people mistake love for likeness. These are related but two entirely different things. More often than not, love sets in after likeness.

Likeness has to do with those attributes and things that make you admire that person. It can be the way the person talks, acts of kindness, or sense of dressing. Love on the other hand is that feeling of admiration regardless of what the person does or does not do.

Having made that clear, one of the most important steps toward reigniting intimacy is not losing touch with the things your partner liked about you. It can be something as little as wearing a certain kind of dress you always wore when s/he was very much into you.

Effect Magic with the Magic Words

Kids are taught at some point that the words – sorryplease, and thanks; are magic words. These words calm nerves, restore broken hearts and do more than many of us even know. These three words are representatives of three states of mind that are capable of reigniting intimacy in marriage.

Sorry implies that you have hurt the other party as a result of something that you have done. It means that you care enough for the other party to tender apologies. As one that wants to ignite that lost intimacy that you crave, you should be apologetic when the need arises. Swallow your pride and do the needful.

The word please implies that you do not have a sense of entitlement. Rather, you would appreciate it if the other party helps as you would wish s/he does.

Lastly, the word thanks signifies appreciation. You should know that intimacy thrives in an emotional atmosphere where people are appreciated even for the little things that they do. This even makes them more committed to doing more.

So, work magic on your relationship by being apologetic, doing away with every sense of entitlement, and being appreciative of your partner. These things are very important and should be taken very seriously.

Seek Professional Help

For the record, there is always hope that intimacy can be reignited in a marriage. But even at that, one of the greatest harm that can be done to a relationship is living in self-denial.

Some people have grown very far apart in their relationship for several reasons. The truth is that they may not be able to get together on their own. So, they would need professional help.

Alison Wilson, an online store owner who sells adult devices for couples such as chastity cages says that previously in her work as a relationship counselor she helps many couples improve their communication skills and connection.


There have been many in your shoes who eventually saw intimacy reignited in their marriage. Some of them were even in conditions worse than yours but things have now taken a turn for good.

The secret is that they were determined to make their marriage work (well) by being practical about the tips shared here. So, you should do likewise and see intimacy eventually reignited in your marriage.